Funny post to do with Parshas Bereshis

Received via email from my friend Jeremy:

Bus from Bnai Brak to Jerusalem, nearly full, all chasidim.

At last Bnai Brak stop, pretty young thing in skimpy outfit
boards the bus. Has to sit next to a chassid.

He squirms a while, then reaches into his knapsack and hands her an

“What’s this?” she inquires.

“An apple.”

“Why did you give me an apple?” she persists.

Because until Eve ate the apple, she didn’t realize she was naked!”

The next morning, she again boards the same bus making the same
run to Jerusalem. She is much better attired, sits next to the same
chasid, and hands him an apple.

“What’s this?” he asks, suspiciously.

“An apple” she shoots back.

“Why an apple?” he inquires.

“Because until Adam ate the apple, he didn’t know he had to work
for a living.”