Last Thursdays Search Terms Were Insane

I can see what terms people type into search engines to get to my site. Anytime these terms appear on the page in no particular order and they click on my link- it gets stored in my stats.

The funny thing about last weeks terms was that these were entered more then once and that if you go into google and type many terms like these in, it takes many pages to actually get to my site. Things such as “frum porn” or “horny naked frum girl” are not so high on googles list- so either they used a different engine or they were VERY HORNY and willing to go more then 5 pages in.

Now tell me who the heck ever goes into google more then 5 pages???

Search Terms 8-16-07

frum satire5656
frum satire cming out gay66
half moon k66
purple pear monsey55
tefillin date55
frum sex44
pocketprincess blog jewish44
ronen levi yitzchak44
frum porn33
pornography pictures33
tefilin date33
wit and wonder chabad33
frum porn””22
frum hot22
frum satire coming out22
haredi raspberry on benches22
is ‘goy’ derogatory?22
jewish wife swap22
jews are racist22
kupat hair22
lubavitch rebbe rav kahana video22
modi dov freidman22
most comments on a facebook status22
ronen levi yitzchak segal22
satmar women22
shomer nagiyah22
torah depression22
vos iz neias22
yeshiva world news22
canada israel experience””11
frum erotica””11
loving leah””, jewish aspects11
most expensive sheitel””11
mountain bike parks””11
ms. girly”” teach11
paul r nelson”” marriage11
rosh hashanah”” “”washington heights””11
1st shidduch date11
a small idea washington heights11
acceptable hechshers moon11
alvila monsey11
am i racist because i hate obama11
amusing facebook status11
aramaic word for donut11
are cigarettes kosher11
are girls ok with guys being short11
are lubavitch jews allowed have sex on shabbat?11
averah jewish girl name11
baal teshuva impact on marriage11
baile glauber11
bais abraham egal11
bais rochel tznius list11
bar mitzvah entertainment for shomer shabbos dc11
beginner siddur english11
ben & jerry flavor for gay11
ben and jerry’s flavors gay11
benching jewish praying11
bernie madoff satire11
beuty of shabbat11
big guys and girls11
birnbaum machzor11
birth control ads11
blog hate obama black11
blog onlysimchas11
blowing the shofar11
blowjobs at weddings11
blowjobs gone wrong11
bochur having sex in yeshivah11
bochurim having sex11
bochurim with sem girls sex11
boro park robes11
borough park brooklyn plus size bra store11
breslov and insanity11
bribe for children11
brooklyn pomegranate11
bruers washington heights11
bugs raisins11
bump on my dog girl parts11
can a pool be a mikvah11
can i daven in kitchen11
can you have sex on the jewish sabbath11
car satire11
caught on tape11
chabad girls hot11
chabad video11
chai pizza monsey sushi11
change baal teshuva article11
chasidishe slut11
chassid protest 58 str new york11
chassidish girls11
chassidish rebel flirt sex fun11
checking raisins for bugs11
child molestation jewish11
children’s shofar monsey ny11
chinese women dancing to miami boys choir11
chitrik tzfat sem11
chofetz chaim11
church lady bulletin bloopers11
college girls laying out sunbathing11
comedy routine i’m hiding in the front closet11
comment about tzipi livni11
cos blessed rebbe11
cost of bas mitzvah in israel11
cost of yeshiva in nj11
cunnilingus chumra halacha11
custom barber smocks11
custom of always wearing black11
dallas kosher deli11
davening poem11
deborah shaya11
depressed frum singles11
do you have to use all the spam at once11
does youtube warn you before u get suspended?11
dominican nude girls11
dont like girls taking make up11
dont use self checkout at store11
eli weinstein real estate11
ex slut11
ex slut girl11
facebook and jews11
facebook is jewish11
facebook statuses to get the most comments11
facebook virtual stalker11
famous shabbos goy11
far rockaway cheap wigs11
far rockaway jewish girl pics11
farting tefillin11
fat people beach11
find out how many texts you sent blackberry11
flake heshie11
flipping the pillow over to cold side11
forbidden deiers on youtube11
forget the mechitza11
found her picture on google11
free catalogs by mail11
free rosh hashanah 2009 services on long island11
free sex catalogs by mail11
friday night we’ll be drinking manischewitz11
friend history unfriended facebook application11
frum blog11
frum dictionary11
frum flirting11
frum girls11
frum guys11
frum humor11
frum jewish women websites11
frum jews should leave new york11
frum lesbians11
frum marrieds11
frum naked11
frum nude11
frum people to hook up11
frum satire cane and able11
frum satire forum11
frum satire lieberman11
frum satire the parts of davening i skip and the poor excuses for this11
frum sattire11
frum sex photos11
frum shuls11
frum wedding party11
frum women iuds11
funny way to say going to the bathroom11
gas masks in sex11
gay black jew11
gay black jewish11
gefilte fish recipe made with chicken11
gemara women dont learn?11
ger niddah11
girls dance with no shirt and pants on porn11
girls frum sex11
girls on google maps11
girls readig pornmags11
going to my rabbis house for shabbat lunch what should i bring11
great blowjobs by 55 year old women11
grey or black hat jew11
guide to chabad11
guy talking to girl google maps frum satire11
halacha and rogaine11
half moon kosher11
hard hat box yeshiva11
hashkafah montreal11
hasidic clothes and women and “”pencil skirts””11
hasidic girls from williamsburg11
hate obama blogs11
hatzolah ocean ave11
hava negilah11
having sex with a non jew11
hechsher symbols ov11
heimishe moshiach11
hertz machzor11
hesh nazi11
heshy fried11
hilarious job ads11
holy rolling dumpster fire11
horny bais yaakov girls with pictures11
hot chani11
hot sunbathers11
how do i know if a picture of a girl is really her?11
how long had jews been practicing bar mitzvah11
how many minutes in yichud room11
how many text per month11
how many texts for 10 pound on iphone11
how many women wear a hair bump it11
how much moeny should i expect to get for my bar mitzvah?11
how to counter concert ban11
how to find a wife11
how to find your bashert11
how to lead shabbos davening nusach ari11
how to wash tzitzit11
husbands and wives swapping spouses11
i hate chassidim11
i love moscato11
i would like to do tshuvah11
i’m thinking of going to chabad services11
indoor mountain bike11
infested matzah meal11
inter racial marriage torah11
ipod halacha11
is dressing inappropriately in school a satire11
is halacha for downloading music11
is sarah palin jewish11
is walmart a bad influence for cities?11
israely gangbang11
jdate ad girl11
jdate girl11
jewish blogger convention blogroll11
jewish bobcat facebook11
jewish community heroes11
jewish customs and traditions shabbos meals guest11
jewish date rape11
jewish dates bt11
jewish dating site orthodox cheating11
jewish el al joke11
jewish escort11
jewish facebook11
jewish frum videos11
jewish girl never wear pants11
jewish last names11
jewish man’s wedding rings11
jewish rabbi dances at west indies parade11
jewish satire11
jewish sexy clothing11
jewish shiduch stories11
jewish slang new york11
jewish soda pop11
jewish strippers11
jewish version of cain11
jewish women shave head11
jews didn’t go to work on 9/1111
jews love seltzer11
jfk elal lounge phone11
jokes about blowing the shofar11
jokes about the holocaust11
josh miller living in israel11
kapotas religious coats11
kippot masterbate jew11
kollel bums11
kosher meat restaurants monsey11
larry david +pretend that i’m deaf +s011
learn jew business11
leining school israel11
lipa schmeltzer with girls11
listen to selichot prayers sephardic way live11
live mikva camara11
lol really laughing out loud youtube11
lubavitch hat store11
lulav etrog photo shake11
machlis family11
maftir yonah segulah11
mama leah’s pizza11
mara manischewitz11
mark zuckerberg frum11
mashgiach jobs nyc11
mashiach oy-yoy-yoy song youtube11
masterbati0n st0ries gals11
matisyahu’s wife and kids11
meah shearim benches raspberry11
men.boys caught peeing outside pics11
metrosexual fashions11
miami boys videos11
modern orthodox11
modern sukkah decorations11
moscato costco11
moscato d’ asti blue bottle11
moscato d’asti blue bottle11
moscato wine blue bottle11
most commented facebook status11
my dad still spanks me and im over 25 yrs old11
my dad’s deaf and im 12 and how do you pull foreskin over your penis11
my daughter poked my eye its bleeding11
nachman eat11
nefesh b nefesh flights 200911
new mexico to maine road trip11
non-observant jews demand more roghts at weddin gs11
nude heimish girl11
obama facebook statuses11
obama funny facebook11
obama is mashiach11
open up cain and abel11
oral sex halacha11
orthodox jews and obama11
orthodox jews obama11
overweight girls lesbians11
parents hitting their children in streets11
passaic bris11
passaic cholov yisroel11
paying shiva call11
people who flip pillows to the cold side11
photo fat kid yarmulke eating11
picture of title ban11
pictures of black girl with chill bumps11
pictures of gay jews having sex with muslems11
pictures of makeup getting put on girls or woman11
pink man thong11
pomegranate brooklyn store11
pomegranate kosher store in brooklyn11
pomegranate store brooklyn11
pomegranate supermarket brooklyn11
pomegranites brooklyn kosher11
poor whites hate obama11
pornography pics11
portable credit card machine11
pride gay lesbian satire11
purchasing blowjobs11
rabbai lubavitch video11
rabbi shafier11
racist if you dont agree with obama11
raisin bugs11
ramadan fasting tablet prank11
rav machlis11
real stripper videos11
reason why guy reject girl11
rebbe + moshiach11
rebbe never dies11
recipes to fix gefilte fish11
reform congregations lakewood11
review for movie loving leah11
ronen levi yitzchak segal how did he die tragic accident11
rosh hashanah comedy11
rosh hashanah machzor with english commentary11
rosh hashanah rap11
sara haliczer11
satire frum11
satire modern orthodox jews11
scary shidduch stories11
schnitzel express11
seder meal for 11 to 12 year olds11
see how many texts you send verizon myverizon11
self check-out accepts checks11
seminary girls meeting yeshiva guys11
sephardic orthodox jewish dating11
sexy clothing for yom tov11
sexy frum girls11
sexy lipa shmeltzer11
sexy womens fashion show men 18 and older only can watch11
shaar yashuv yeshiva far rockaway11
shabbos lunch invitation11
shabbos shorts11
shabbosim washington heights11
shaindy storeis11
shalom twersky11
sheitels in lakewood11
shelly pizza monsey11
shidduch crisis11
shidduch dating movie11
shidduch resume11
shidduch sexy11
shidduch translate11
shidduchim and gilgul neshamot11
shidduchim list11
shofars for sale blonde11
shomer negiah11
shoppers needed maalot dafna11
shor yushuv11
shuls in irvine11
simcha levenberg11
simchas torah humour11
skinny dipping mikva11
snood head covering11
song lyric “”she’s got a lot of nerve””11
sour cream donuts11
speed davening11
spouse swapping videos11
square yarmulka pattern11
starbucks, 96th & amsterdam11
stern shidduch video11
sternberg hot dog story11
stick to one11
summary trips11
syrian frum satire11
tablet k hechsher11
tahlia miller “”can’t touch this””11
teffilin dates11
tefillin dating11
term for disown a yiddish family member11
the bluffers guide to going to shul11
the jewish bracha for going to the toilet11
the jewish world, raspberry syrup11
the most embarassing moment of my life11
the shmuz rabbi shaffer11
theknish and “”hot chanie””11
things people must have to survive11
threats to judaism today11
throw away a yarmulke11
time spent text messaging per month by students11
toronto charedim11
transgender frontal lobe injury11
triangle k hashgacha11
triangle k hechsher11
trying on suits11
typical cost of a “”high holiday”” seat11
tzedakah crown heights11
tznius girls11
u tube orthodox girls talking about sex11
uncle moishy concert succot 200911
urban legend first date locked out11
victoria secret models jewish11
viduy gay old man11
vos iz neias jewish news11
want philosophy? read the torah11
watch the shofar blowing11
what do girls wear to weddings in israel11
what do you bring as a guest to a jewish holiday11
what do you say when girl says “”no i dont know you””11
what does a red yarmulke mean11
what does good shabbos mean?11
what extra davening do we say ever rosh chodesh?11
what gifts to bring to someone’s house on rosh hashanah11
what is the waiting time in colorado to get remarried11
what is token goy11
what people wear on simchat torah11
what they teach in kallah classes11
what to say to reject a girl11
what your wife doesnt want you to look at11
when you watch porn movies are they stored somewhere on your computer11
where to take a kosher jews go on a date11
whites are the minority11
why all black isn’t slimming11
why can’t orthodox jewish girls wear pants?11
why do girls learn mishnah and boys learn gemara11
why do husbands look at porn?11
why do i want to go on birthright11
why do jewish girls cut their hair when married11
why do women hyphenate their last name11
why does everyone hate obama11
why girls should not wear make up11
why is breast milk kosher?11
why jews successful11
why yeshivish husband doesn’t wear ring11
wife swaping sex11
women pants modern orthodox11
yarmulke in sentence11
yerushalmi strip chometz11
yeshiva hats11
yeshiva news11
yeshiva of greater washington sucks11
yeshiva tuition crisis11
yeshivish humor11
yichud room11
yiddish word in steven seagal movie11
you don’t have to be german to feel bad about the holocaust11
you hate obama racist11
you tube klausenberger rebbe11
you tube miami boys chior.com11
youtube lulav 3 videos11
acceptable hechshers half-moon k00
bsamim smoker00
cover hair00
frum and hot00
frum looking man dancing with girls at parade00
half moon hechsher00
jewish rebel girls00