Interesting Comments from Eds daughter possibly?

This girl commented under the name Disgusted- she sounds like Eds daughter, although I think that our dear friend ed would be ashamed of this girls grammar and spelling as he used to rag on me a lot before he got to know me better. I also think this girl sounds kind of stupid, sheltered and of all things NEW TO THE BLOG WORLD. After all she must not have been to Anarchist Rabbi and Leah Kleim and a bunch of other sites that trump me in her allegations. I am merely a funny guy trying to make the office day go by quicker. I do hope Disgusted does hang around for the ride, because I do have some great posts in my head concerning the recent bans.

Now I present to you the comments, I will respond to some of them in the comment box to keep the discussion going. I expect everyone to bust out their opinions on this one, because I know they are vast.

In response to the crazy charedi bans article of recent note: 

I am in complete and utter shock right now after going through this website. I am a 17 year old teenage girl who is fffaaarrr from perfect and I literally cant believe what I am reading. You talk about the gedolim of our times so carelessly and with such disrespect. You voice yur opinion on things you do not understand and you are using your simple immaturity of these matters as a suitable explanation why it is ok to mock these issues.

We have the whle world fighting against us; the Jews, trying to kill us and stray us from the path and you take the time to make a website and support it, a website which goes against the basis of Judaism, mocking your own religion, mocking your own people and in theory mocking yourselves. I hate to break it to you but the whole world does not care what you think about some chumras or different points of Judaism. You broadcast your racist yes racist! opinions on the internet where people have unlimited access of it. You are performing the biggest chilul Hashem I have ever come across and I mean that! Read the posts, some from balei teshuvas who are having doubts, come from regular frum people who are being drawn in by your malicious writings.

You know what they say: every person will have to account for their every action one day and you will too! Whether it is to explain what prompted you to create this and make people doubt their faith and believe or whether to explain what made you the person to correct the gedolim of your generation! Maybe you should think about this…

And yes it does make people doubt becuase when I started reading I kept reading and that is a bad sign! I should not have to read such things and nobody else should. Ok so you have the right of free speech; you can talk all you can when you are confronted about this enormous chilul hashem one day!

In response to shweky being banned:
not a funny article at all! and it d0esnt depend on your humour! You have to be perverted and sick to appreciate this! are you forgetting who you are talking about? huge torah giants! whats wrong with you?

 In response to my thoughts in shull in Tisha B’av:

you just keep surprising me with your complete insensitivity to everything you stand for as a Jew! Yea lets mock the Rabbi and the congregants at shul on the day when the temple was destroyed FOR THAT EXACT REASON!!! bit ironic really…i just dont get how this is humoour? Its inappropriate and a complete chilul hashem!

Oh really?? Everyone is entitled to their opinion..agreed!! but to broadcast it around if it is extremely controversial! Well then can you please explain why it is a crime EVERYWHERE to be openely anti semitic! If you are verbally abused by someone claiming that you are a ‘dirty jew’ or anything like that you can ensure the persecutor gets prosecuted. And for them thats humour! So explain the difference! Funny isnt it mocking the people of our Religion and making it into some sort of sport! THats not humour thats outright and blatant prejudice displayed to your own people! And thats my opinion