Riding and eating with fellow blogger

I took down a huge mouthful of the lasagna that was just placed in front of me and savored the veggies that were included in the mix. Peppers and tomatoes and sauce all came together as one as I chewed the tasty concoction and felt it travel down my esophagus to my empty and growling stomach. During the ride I had just taken with Jacob Da Jew, my stomach started growling with a low throaty growl like that of an idling 66 Camaro.

We road through the picturesque Ocean Ave neighborhood, folks stood outside chained up bodegas drinking beer out of paper bags, people honked at us in large tinted windowed cars with 24 inch spinning rims that were playing the most vulgar thumping music they could find. There was even a classic hood scene of a crowd of young folks gathered around and 3 or 4 cop cars with flashinglights most probably doing some racial profiling of some sort. Looked like the beginning of a riot if you asked me.

As we had our conversational ride, which was made up of 5 loops around prospect park on their awfully smooth pavement, I heard my stomach emit low rumblings of food needings, it sounded like the low growl of an idling 66 Camaro sitting in a gas station parking lot as its owner went to grab a candy bar from inside.

Then Jacob mentioned that his wife had some leftover lasagna and my excitement spiked, I love leftovers especially after a nice workout, there is nothing like having you food prepared for you. I always hate coming home from a 40 mile ride and having to slave at the stove even for 5 minutes while my pound of pasta cooks. I wiped up a splotch of sauce that had somehow escaped my mouth and fallen onto my shorts.

I speared some of the roasted veggies that lay fallow in a small Styrofoam bowl. Roasted peppers and eggplant or maybe they were pickled, I don’t know but they were damned good. I slurped one up and felt its cool refreshing tinge slide into my mouth as if I was sucking up a worm. I scooped more veggie lasagna up and raved about the food and how thankful I was.

Jacob then handed me some crackers which are could Ka’ak, I said excuse me. I guess sphardim like eating cock eh…