Nothing like some crazy Charedi Chumras to get your blood boiling

Reemember my big list of crazy bans and chumras– well here you have it boys and girls- the charedim in Israel are banning frummy concerts.

( Hassidic music stars Avraham Fried and Yaakov Shwekey are to perform in Jerusalem before over 10,000 Thursday night – but Rabbi Elyashiv, the Gerrer Rebbe and others say it’s forbidden to participate or attend events of that nature. Read the article

Other recent crazy chumra news

Just as a side note- I personally think the strawberry bans announced a few weeks ago are some sort of conspiracy. We will see, but I think that all fruits and veggies that are banned will eventually be grown “superfrum bug free” by some greenhouse owned by charedim. I will continue to eat my strawberries grown in the dirt, thank you very much.

I read on SemGirl, that women in one of these towns like Lakewood or Bnei Brak are being asked not to swing their arms when they walk- a natural function of the body mind you. I talked about this in my crazy chumra list- I mentioned that women should be prohibited from walking since their skirts tighten up and reveal the curves of the body. They should be able to walk up stairs or sit down on low chairs for the same reason.

What I am curious about is this, why do these Rabbis continue to concentrate on such trivial things within tznius? Swinging you arms? Why dont they focus their attention on something realistic. It seems and I think it is Tyrannical and Crazy in fact, they just make themselves ore insular and cause more people to leave the fold and seek out other ways of being orthodox or not being. When did the charedim lose their spirit? You know that ritual aint worth shit when you dont got your spirit.