So they make a lecture coed and call it a singles event

I have been noticing something interesting lately, there are many ads in various places for these singles events that are speeches usually about musar. In normal cases these speeches would probably be given to single sex crowds, so I guess by making them coed they think they are making a singles event. Just doesn’t seem right to meet women at a speech, let alone a musar speech- or should I call them lectures, usually telling singles who are over 28 why they are not married yet?

“Hey wanna see my chovos lovovos?”

“You ever see the large print mesilas yeshurim?”

“I saw you perk up when the speaker said, God will smite you, wanna get it on?”

“Wanna see my tzim tzom?”

“I have every Chofetz Chaim sefer in the handy travel size, wanna go on a date with me, I can put them in my purse.”

“I see you are heeding their advice to avert your eyes when seeing someone of the opposite sex.”

“Why are we sitting on separate sides if this is a singles event, shouldn’t we be trying to casually rub our knees together- like when we went to movies with girls in high school?”

To me its way better to pick up girls at the Laundromat or the sushi place, even the back of shull where everyone puts their coats. But a musar speech seems far fetched.