Have you ever watched non-Jew order something in a kosher pizza store

I Cannot Count the number of times that I have witnessed a non Jew come into a kosher pizza store and try and order something that was not available. It always starts the same way, two guys, they are always guys for some reason- usually who are working somewhere in the neighborhood. They will always order a meatball sub, or pizza with some sort of sausage on it. The person behind the counter- usually an Israeli or Bucharian with a very thick accent- will always say that they do not have meat in the store and then as if they were deaf- the two non Jews will nod and say “that’s great, give me a pepperoni slice.”

Usually at this point one of the Hispanics working behind the counter for below minimum wage will try and communicate to them what is going on. The non Jews will shrug their shoulders and start getting agitated as to why on earth a pizza store in New York would not serve meat. They huff and may swear under their breaths and then they will order something else.

It is always a scene though, and depending on where you are located- it could be very entertaining. In the frummy neighborhoods they elicit stares from both children and parents as the kids give them their best Boro Park Stare, while the parents tell the children to stay far away from goyim as if they were all a bunch of drug dealing pedophiles.

In the modern neighborhoods a good Samaritan sensing the trouble by lack of English spoken by the Mexican pizza workers and the scruffy looking Israeli working the counter will jump in and give a quick rundown on the laws of kasharus to a bunch of bewildered and pissed off construction workers- for some reason the non-Jew who enters the pizza store is always a construction worker with tattoos and a wife beater on. The good Samaritan will always go back to his table and discuss in detail exactly how he diffused the situation.