I have succumbed to the 8 things you didn’t know about me tag

I am sure every single blogger has been tagged and in fact I was tagged 2 weeks ago by Dreams of Who and Esser Aguroth to write this post, I was lazy and didnt feel like it- i know not very nice of me. Well Sara With No H has broken the back of frum satire forcing me to write the post and its a good time to write it anyway.

8 intersting facts about me that you did not know:

1. My great great grandfather is Rav Shlomo Ganzfried- author of the Kutzur Shulchan Aruch

2. I never graduated high school, yet I graduated cum laude, pi sigma alpha- from university

3. I have driven to every single US state besides Hawaii, and every Canadian Province besides Nunavit(not accessible by road) and Labrador and Newfoundland- God willing I will be going to Newfoundland in September with my car aboard a six hour ferry from Nova Scotia.

The first time many road that took me cross country was in a gray 95 volvo station wagon- that lasted till 240,000 miles. The main objective of the trip was to bike in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia and Hike in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

4. My best backpacking trip was in Glacier National Park in Montana, favorite places to mountain bike are Moab- Utah and Sun Valley- Idaho. My favorite place to kayak is in the Adirondacks.

5. I own 3 bicycles the most expensive being $2300, I used to race downhill on a bike with 8 inches of suspension and 3 inch tires down ski mountains through trees and off mini-cliffs. I now stick to tamer trails, country roads and skate parks.

6. I do not own a TV, digital camera, or I-pod. I do own 2 Pentax ME fully manual SLr camera’s circa 1977. I own over 800 CD’s. I rarely watch TV and the last movie I saw in the theater was Talledega Nights.

7. I used to stutter, cannot swallow pills, have never smoked anything in my life- including cigs and hooka.

8. I loved to give speeches instead of write papers while I was in college.

I am not going to tag anyone since everyone has been tagged already.