If people are born gay at what age should we tell them?

So I was reading through last weeks Village Voice which surprisingly had a special section devoted to Gay issues- though I was shocked at such a paper for showing this I read on. I personally would be considered a Democrat- not I did not say liberal- when it comes to Gay Issues- gay pride aint my thing and but why should we deny health insurance and other rights? This is not a political post and as you have noticed I rarely talk politics- maybe that’s because I worked in the field and dont feel like going back there?

Anyway I was shocked to find THIS ARTICLE which talks about the fact that if people are born gay- you would think there would be more openly gay children. This was appalling to me, first of all, do we tell children of their orientation in the first place? Or do we let it naturally develop on its own? The article went on to talk about parents that felt their boys who played with dolls or girls who liked playing in the mud were indeed gay or lesbian. This was also absurd- as if parents were hoping their children were gay or at least could be trained to become gay. After all being gay is a status symbol and quite trendy.

What ever happened to tomboys? How can someone assume their child is gay- if they have feminine tendencies? So they have these gay children conventions where alll the different children who are not necessarly “normal” come and the parents show them off in outfits like the child featured in the article who is all of 4 or 5 and he is dressed like Rob Halford. I love Judas Priest but I would never let my kid dress like that.

Well so much for my rambling- if you missed the first link HERE it is again- tell what you think?