Two hilarious things that happened today

First of all I was checking the search terms of the week- which by the way are viewable on the top of this page and updated every week, and noticed by far one of the funniest terms yet “kosher edible panty” This made me laugh my ass off. I wonder if they will start searching for “cholov yisroel and glatt kosher panties”?

Secondly: I was talking with two of my non-Jewish co-workers today about Jewish custom and how they will ask Jews why they do certain things and they usually do not have an answer for them. One of my co-workers asked me why the men shake during prayer? She waited for answer which sucked- because I shuckel because I want to look super frum and I also like to get a little exersize during prayer.

My co-worker told me that her theory is that an old Rabbi had Terretz syndrome and that is why they shake so much. This answer was of course ridiculously funny yet seemed almost true since a lot of people have no idea why they do certain things other then their Rebbe did it. Kind of like Lubavitchers and the crushed hats. Their only asnwer for that is that the Rebbe did it.