Extreme Sports Jews

Jacob Da Jew has tagged me to talk about my favorite extreme sport, although knowing the frum community is not full of fellow extreme sport enthusiasts he lets anyone who gets tagged in this situation to talk about any sport or activity they are passionate about.

1. What is your sport?
My sport is mountain biking- though that’s a general term and within that genre I ride all different styles including trials, cross country, downhill, freeride, urban and skatepark. Here is a short video of the type of riding I am mostly into:

2.Why do you like this one?

I originally started riding just get around, when you don’t have a car it is the fastest way. Then I saw this dude in Central park jump off this 12 foot cliff of sorts and in my head I said “dude I had no idea they did that sort of stuff on mountain bikes” then I fell in love with what some would call “extreme mountain biking” it also takes me farther into the woods then I can walk.

3. How long are you doing this for?

Seriously, for about 8 years or so.
4. Most painful experience.
Physically: I was riding these dirt jumps with huge gaps in Rochester New York. The jumps were these type that launch you straight into the air and then straight down onto steeply built landings. I overshot the landing by about ten feet and came down fully on my front wheel, I flipped over and landed on my head which regardless of the helmet I was wearing caused me to black out momentarily.

Getting a $1500 bike stolen out of the back of my car in Downtown Albany- which was returned to me a few months later by the folks at Downtube Cycles- of course I had already gone out and spent $1700 on a new bike already.
5. Most memorable experience.
By far riding in Utah for the first time-
my buddy Yosef and I took this month long mountain biking/hiking road trip that took us riding in such famous spots as Sun Valley Idaho and Kamloops British Columbia.

It was almost 110 degrees in Moab Utah and I hadn’t slept the night before in our ghetto campground right next to the Colorado River. But regardless of heat and sun stroke worries we rode our bikes up the Amasaback trail and reveled in the insane beauty that is Utah. The riding is all over this slick sandstone other wise known as Slick Rock. Moab is one of the most famous mountain biking/off roading and destinations in the world and we were in trenched in it and our sweat. Although it was hot- the beauty of red and orange sandstone and weird looking desert plants really makes an impact on you as you ride your bike off of the multiple natural cliffs and launching ramps that greet you on the trail. The best part of riding slickrock is that it is like this natural skatepark everywhere you turn.

6. Add tall tale or new question to Meme.

Frum Satires Question: If you could go anywhere to partake in your sport of choice, where would you go?

7. Tag 3 or 4 people.

So I rarely tag people since I don’t read blogs much- but since I am curious I will tag the following bloggers.