I have created a Public Forum Page

On the top of the blog you should note that I have created a public forum page as was requested by one of my regulars- I have decided to test it out for a month and see where it goes. It is only a trial to see if it does not interfere with the comments on my posts- which I dont want to minimize by any means. Jennthejewess felt that many of the folks who visit this site might enjoy posting questions and seeing the response as well as any thoughts you may have. I will post questions as well.

While I am on the topic of blogging I figured I would tell you that I have been updating my Best Posts Quick Links which is located below the blogroll. Just click on the link and it will take you to my best posts. Many of these posts are older and since I didn’t have nearly as many hits as I do now- they have few or no comments- start the conversation and alert other folks to these great posts. I have just added about 10 posts to the list.