Do you have frumster or facebook stalkers???

So for those of you who don’t know, frumster has this nifty little feature that allows you to see who looked at your profile and the last time it was looked at. So I have a circulation of girls who are obviously trying to get my attention by constantly being the last person to have seen my profile. Do any of you have this problem?

For instance one girl whom I rejected last year emailed me again and to be nice I conversed and then told her I was not interested, she didn’t budge and keeps emailing me and looking at my profile.

Then of course you have the girls that change their profiles to suite yours. I had this one girl whom I had gotten an email from, go ahead and change her entire profile to suite me. What is the deal man? I mean if you’re looking for your husband, shouldn’t he be for you, and you should present yourself honestly?

My number one stalker on frumster is a girl who I met at the only singles shabbaton I ever went to. It may have been my overjoyed response at her being a school librarian which most normal guys would find boring, I myself am crazy and tend to be overjoyed in awkward situations like shabbatons and went a little overboard. Well for the past 4 months she has been looking at my profile at least 3-5 times per week. I never change it and she probably realized that by now, but in her desperate state of singledom is holding onto any chance I may message her. I have never done those, I simply email and never hear responses back and I take it as it comes, usually ranting about how girls who open the message could at least send a reject letter. I can see if they read it and most of the time they do not reply.

What about those girls that contact you on frumster with messages like. What happened to your old picture with the hair? I have gotten a few of those, so you looked at my profile a bunch of times, or you casually saw it as you were browsing- which isn’t very likely since you can see which profiles you already looks at. Are you contacting me because you are interested but have no idea how to say that in plain English. These girls were usually folks I looked at once a long time ago but passed over for various reasons. Why are thy contacting me if no other reason thej boredom and trying to get some guy to chat them up. I usually answer their question and then kindly say I am not interested. Of course this leads to the famous question, WHY? Why do I have to answer that question, there could be a million reasons and most of them the girl does not want to hear. Your nasty is the most popular, or you have absolutely nothing in common with me.

In my open mindedness I decided to puruse the art of shidduch dating in every possible way, this means utilizing this blog, craigslist and facebook. I have gone out on 4 dates with one girl who used to comment quite a bit on this blog, but facebook is actually a great shidduch resource and I think it could do real well if people only took it seriously.

Last week I received a number of a girl in Baltimore who was supposed to be outdoorsy- that is all anyone every hooks me up with- although- the girls are rarely into the outdoors and are more the types like this one that went on summer camping trips with mom and dad- definitely not my type. So I call this girl up and within 6 minutes I realized she wasn’t for me. Meanwhile on facebook some random girl friended me and I assumed it was a blog person- although I had just made a Frum Satire facebook account to separate the random folks from actual friends. So this girl claims to be doing a research project and so on.

Motzoi shabbos I receive this message from the girl randomly friended me:

So, it would be interested to know what questions the shadchan really asked you that were so ridiculous. But if you’re okay with Dixie cups with nativity scenes on them I suppose you have no problem with girls who visit Mormon temples and keep Christian literature around the apartment for light reading. In any case, my stalking (I assume you’re smart enough to have figured that out by now) is done and I can unfriend you now 🙂

Of course I had no idea what this girl was talking about, I looked at her pictures and immediately realized that she was roommates with my potential shidduch date. Crazy stalkers eh!!