Maxim Magazine features women of the IDF

So Maxim Magazine one of the best magazines out there- I had a subscription to my house in 11th and 12th grade- is featuring the Girls of the Israeli Defense Force this month. I am more then thrilled, of course in my old age I do not read Maxim, but I will definitely have to check it out and see whats up. Honestly the girls in the IDF don’t dress tznius anyway mostly and I would have rather Maxim do a spread on the girls of Bais Yaakov, councilors of Camp Sternberg, the Kollel wives of Lakewood or the Rebetzins of young Rosh Yeshiva’s, but we cant have everything.

Of course I am still waiting for the riots and banning of the magazine itself by the Charedim, they will probably ban it without even reading it first. Such judgmental folks eh?

Hat Tip to Jacob da Jew for alerting me to this news article of utmost importance.