Why do Jews live in places where they dont agree with any of the tyrannic policies?

The following questions were on a list produced by the blog Married in Brooklyn. I decided to answer some of them for you. Chock one down for the folks who choose not to live around NYC.

Here are my why questions concerning Flatbush/Brooklyn/NY mentality crap that still goes on.
Why are people condemned because of their parents?
Condemned is a bit harsh don’t you think?
Would you rather say judged and if you did. I would say in many situations the person has all the rights in the world to judge the person because of the parents. After all the primary education and world influences that go on in the most important times of the persons life happen when they are living at home with their parents. Is it not right to judge someone based on the fact that their parents were alcoholics/drug abusers/sex abusers etc… Obviously you are talking about folks judging based on the fact that the parents are more modern/frum what have you. Or are you. I sure as hell wouldnt want to go out with some girl who had Rabbi Kolko or the Unibomber as a father would you?

Why are people condemned for having a tv/computer?
Why do people give two cents that’s my question? If you’re in a place where you cannot have a tv or a computer and you want to. You have 3 options, you can let the tyranny rage on, you can tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine. Or you can leave, this seems so hard for folks to do, so rather then leave the communities they obviously dislike so much, they stay blog/bash and hide their tv’s behind the picture frame.

Why are kids thrown out of school for having a tv/computer at home?

Because the hashkafa in the school is not that of those who have tv’s and computers at home. Once again do people not understand, if you hate it start your own school, there is only so much you can do. I perfectly agree with this, usually the kids are thrown out once the school find out that the parents LIED on the application when they wrote that they do not have a tv. Of course this is totally hypocritical because lying is no way to influence your children and the hanhala of a particular school as to the merits of having a tv in your home- there really aren’t too many by the way. If I was sending my kids to certain type of school I was obviously of the impression that they wouldn’t be influenced by all the kids who watch all the shmutz that was on tv.

Why is it that the rich parents can buy their children out of trouble?
That is the stupidest question ever, because they are rich dumbass, rich people always buy their way out of trouble. Just look at the Kennedy’s or any other famous rich folks.

Why is it that skirts are so damn short on Yeshivish Women?
Because they watch so much damned tv and use the internet so often that they have been influenced by the outside world that you just said is totally fine. The fact that you say the skirts are too short and turn around and support television and such is completely ridiculous- and the exact reason why “real” yeshivas do not want their students watching tv or surfing the web.
Also as long as men like me stare at these yeshiva hotties as they prance around the five towns and Flatbush they will keep on truckin baby.

Why is it that White Skirts are allowed if they are see through?

Because white is pure, and the birthday suite is the purest of all., so why not wear white so we can see your birthday suite?

Why is it that a skirt when you walk is fine below the knee but everyone forgets what happens when they sit on the bus and a guy is sitting right across from them with a perfect view?
Do you actually think they forget, go rent Basic Instinct honey.

Why is it that BY HS Girls rub up against guys on the bus? (true story and no, not telling which friend told me that one)

Because like all women they are horny and cant seem to figure out any other way to get their rocks on. haven’t you ever heard of the BY hot dog story? Its also true and I am not telling which friend told me that one.

Why is it that all of these ‘learning seminars, groups, speakers, etc’ speak to the audience like we are dumb?

Because they realize it helps them sell a lot of self help books. Who the hell goes to these things anyway- unless they are in the field of self help and rock it Steven Covey style.

Why do we continue to put down BTs or Gerim?

Because its fun as hell, did you see this post I wrote. Speak for yourself I roll with the BT’s- in Brooklyn folks tend to put down anyone who is not of their type. Yes I am a hypocrite- sue me.

Why do we tell our children how they should shidduch date and who they should shidduch date?

Because Jewish mothers have a certain DNA makeup that causes them to nag on their children. Whether its to eat their kishke’s or date some dude. How the heck is some 19 year old girl who never even talked to a guy going to know what kind of guy she wants to be her babies daddy?

Why do Shabbas Table Clothes and Clean Up have to be brought into a Shadchan List of Questions?

Man that’s funny because until I was 16 I never wore anything besides underwear at my shabbos table as did my old man and my bro. Shadchuns goals are to make your life as miserable as possible by the way, and I have a post coming up next week that deals with this.

Why does the girl need to give her entire measurements in order to be read to someone?

You obviously don’t drive a sports car do you? What if we go on a hiking date and the girl dies from malnutrition, or causes an avalanche from her rumbling. We also have to know how much money to have on us- if she orders a big meal. Also what if your shocks and struts in your car are bad.

Why is it that perfectly smart wonderful girls cannot find a shidduch just because they are smart and want a true college education and job?
That’s easy, because most men want dumb girls who will look up to them. Men are intimidated by smart girls and think that women should be in certain jobs like special ed and OT, and not intellectual style positions, hence the reason that most frum women do not become engineers, lawyers and doctors. Also it seems that people love to think somethings wrong if the girl cannot get married by age 22- give em some time and stop trying to call in the shidduch crisis patrol.

Why is it that Kollel People don’t realize that they need to find a way to bring home the money?
I think they do, but those 0% apr cash advances on their credit cards are so enticing. They all should all join the Edmonton kollel with the free healthcare and schooling.

Why is it that Kollel Men waste time outside smoking or drinking coffee for half an hour or longer each day when they are supposed to be inside learning?
Because they know they can- do you yell at the guys as you pass them on the street? Speak up child for democracy is in the air.
Why is it that the Ravs can’t have the guts to finally make smoking against halacha due to its harmful side effects? (True story of a famous Rav in Israel stating he wouldn’t rule on it because he believed it was like snuff and therefore not healthy to do but if he ruled then too many addicts would be going against halacha)
More stuff to add to the bans list eh….Why cant the Rabbis ban Alcohol and legalize weed already- since it has never been proven to be of any harm really. So you can go to shull drink your liver to death and be crowned prince of the Kiddush club, but if you smoke da herbs you are a crackhead. Freakin double standards I say. After all weed is considered kitnyos– but thats only on pesach.

Why do we need to outdo one another in the making of simchas?

I don’t even know why we need to pay for simchas. I think all weddings should be at the park like those Japanese ones. Invite everyone to a BYOB and BYOF- bring your own food party at the shull. That’s it enough of this dressing up BS. I wish weddings were ghetto, but it is the only chance many folks have to keep up with the Joneses. You see in Brooklyn a large house is the size of toilet upstate and most of the folks drive the same Lexuses- so the only real showy thing frummies can do is weddings.

Why can’t NY People say Good Shabbas to one another on the street?
Do you know how many people there are in NY? Whats wrong with the nod and mumble? Because NYkers are always in a rush and they price themselves on their inner solitude. Why cant New Yorkers talk to each other on the train or in the grocery store. It is also untznius to say good shabbos to the opposite sex isn’t it. If it isn’t we should ban it right away. Also people like to keep within their sects- so instead of actually speaking to you- they will just stare at you until they come to some label in their minds. Just walk into any ultra-orthodox shull and you’ll get the stare.