Do you want to be added to my blogroll?

Once in a while I get a request from someone that wants to see their blog on my blogroll. I try and honor all requests and request that you can add me to your blogroll as well- if you have one. I added a few blogs today- of people that comment a bit and have me on their blogrolls.

In other news– I have decided to delete Frum Satires Diary and will be posting more regularly in Frum Outdoorsman. If you want to read about my daily life, road trips, adventures and other things going on that are more serious please refer to frum outdoorsman. As the summer progresses I may find myself updating that more frequently as I do not have as much time to sit around and think of new ideas for frum satire. The frum satire comes mostly from experiences on shabbos, dates and weddings- so hopefully I will be going to some events that will allow me to write more, or you can always invite me for shabbos- because new places I havent been always give me more material.