My first link drop

So I was wondering what the deal with hallel on Yom Yerushalyim would be and low and behold Hirhurim has an amazing take on hallel on Yom Haatzmuat. Personally I do not get involved in petty technical issues, but I am curious what you guys think- being that the 6 day war is a blatant modern day miracle.

Now Jacob Da Jew is asking a question begging for answers- What does the word frum mean to you?

I happen to enjoy Chai Expectations hilarious takes on his relationship with a girl he calls JAP

Check out this video posted by Frumster Shoppers that makes fun of dating.

Ever wanted to know useless information pertaining to Jewish History?

This rant from Lakewood Venter on the recent introduction of tznius hashgacha is rockin- I am planning on writing something related to this issue in the coming weeks.

Jewish settlers are rednecks!!!

I just found this blog– it is hilarious- I warn you it may offend you, but thats why its so funny.

Rebel Without a Cause
has been commenting a bit lately- and she’s into rock climbing so I might as well link her as well, her blog is brand new.

Last but not least- this guy posts about the most random things from architecture to politics- but he has great pictures.