Yeshiva bochur loses his thumb dipping abilities

Many of you can probably devote a good portion of your days debating on what makes a good thumb dip. In fact depending on your religiosity level and the time you spent learning gemara can also greatly effect the intensity of your thumb dipping abilities. For those who took the easy way out and learned from Artscrolls- they tend to have weaker thumb dip and other learning guy hand motions that come with slamming their hands at worn and tattered gemaras all day. You know the type of untouched old shas sets that many folks receive for their weddings- yet remain untouched gathering dust on the bottom of the book case they have holding their flat screen TV’s. I found this amazing video comparing a yeshiva bochur who lost his ability to thumb dip and learn- to good old Rocky Balboa. It was made by guys attending the yeshiva in Rochester where I went to high school.