An apology to my readers

You know a lot of things can go to your head, money, fame, honor- or 100,000 hits 50 random emails a week and multiple comments on posts. Well this past week for some reason or another I decided to post up a few things I shouldn’t have. I decided to post up material that really shouldn’t grace the pages of a so called Frum Blog. Sex and humor do go hand and hand- but my best material- the things people read my blog for- have nothing to do with sex. They are genuinely funny posts that are usually clean. I would like to keep it that way from now on.

I received quite a few emails complaining that the content of the site had gone down- and I was just posting up this outrageous material to gain readers and you know what? I was, and it didn’t really gain me anything. 1000 hits a day can really go to someones head and you begin to lose the reason why I started to write in the first place- FOR ME- and by default people enjoyed it- but I lost the real aspect of it and started catering to others. That is about to stop.

Now I am sure plenty of you are asking yourselves- “those must have been pretty nasty emails for him to want to change and erase tons of posts?” Well the emails are not what got me to change.

Like all stories this one is because of a girl, a girl I never actually met, but was supposed to meet tomorrow for our first date. I was getting ready to check the weather to decide what bikes to bring on my mini road trip to her PA house when I received this message on my phone ” Hello Heshy- you are a pervert, hypocrite, lier and a faker and I never want to talk to you again.” This hurt, the last time I hurt like this was when my ex-fiance broke up with me, and I never even met this girl. You see I liked this girl, and I really respected her- she was the first girl in a long time to hold my interest beyond the first phone call. She was also a very real person- willing to call me- even after one phone call- an initiator- a leader, and an eccentric like myself.

I just wrote her thanking her for the amazing thing she allowed me to see and to tell her that HaShem works in amazing ways. You see prior to this week I had never had more then one dirty post in a row. Here and there I talked of unclean topics- but until this week of all weeks- I had never had a full week of rated-R material. And admittedly the posts for this week were terrible. So HaShem had purposely made me do such a thing this week- so this girl who had come into my life could google my name and come up with my blog. Now some of you may say- that this is the reason bloggers should remain anonymous. But I have to disagree- if I were anonymous and proceeded to go out with this girl- the hurt on oth sides would have been much stronger and the conclusion would not have been so amazing.

The hashgacha prutus is simply too large to deny.

This post is dedicated to my roommate Shachar who tried to make me see the light and to T.A. who though I will never meet- has made me see the light.

Heshy @ Frum Satire