No I do not own a TV!!!

So these days it seems that pretty much every girl I have dated is addicted to Greys Anatomy. I have never seen it and don’t even own a TV- I happen to dislike TV a lot- not for halachic reasons (though I understand the issurim surrounding TV and Internet) just for the matter of laziness and the crap they put on the damned thing. The last time I actively watched television was in the days of McGuyver, Knight Rider, the A-Team and Thunder in Paradise. So Amishavs post concerning his dating life and television has deeply resonated with me and I have decided to tell you to read it. You really cannot be an outdoor nut and own the thing- it doesn’t work- its too addictive. You put me in front of it at my dads house and I sit idly by watching the history channel for hours without moving.