Yeshiva guys are the most streamlined of frummies!

Is it just me or are well put together yeshiva guys the most streamlined in terms of wind resistance. They mostly shuckel in very smooth flowing motions that allow air to flow around their shuckels- rarely do they pick the violent spin cycle or the arms extended YMCA pose- they also rarely shake their fists at the ceiling- which is definitely not smooth for the air flow.

I have also noticed that they dark suits that are almost always closed, another ability to resist the temptation of the wind to flap the sides open and cause the projectile- in this case the body of the yeshiva guy from slowing down. They tend to wear bright flashy ties with clean white shirts, the bright ties are like lights on the wings of an airplane- but they also act as a sealant between the shirt and the neck for that extra kick when time is short and the pacing across the beis medrish is very fast. They also lack the added drag of a gartel which surely slows down the ability to plow folks down as you rush to the glatt mart.

The hats are also extremely sleek, unlike Lubavitchers that rock the crushed hat and therefore add to their slow shlumpy ways, yeshiva guy hats ae sleek and well put together- they also use their brims for various needs. Brim is turned down when rushing to shull and brim is turned up while in shull to prevent rapid movements and induce drag to prevent falling over from shuckeling too fast.

Have you ever noticed that the thumb dip is one of the greatest most wind resistant gestures one can make? The thumb dip is much better then the clop on the bima or he fist in the air. The thumb guides the hand and its closed fingers through its arc and due to inertia it keeps the hand on its original path- proving its point with the most efficient of moves