Mishpacha mgazine if full of it!!!

So everybody loves the topic of ridiculous questions that shadchuns and other folks within the matchmaking field ask. Numerous websites and articles tend to be critical of how out of hand the situation has become. I have even written a list of ridiculous questions folks may ask as the external judgments within the frum community reach an all time high.

A few weeks ago I read an article devoted to this issue within mishpacha magazine- the magazine that is mostly written by women for women yet contains chas vshalom no pictures of women. So anyway they had a bunch of stories that readers had written in concerning their situations with weird and stupid questions that folks have asked about potential matches. One person told of their someone asking if the boy had laces on his shoes, since tying laces may take out some time from learning. So ridiculous that I would have never even thought of it.

My problem is not with the article itself. It was a great article(unfortunately they do not have free archives on their website-you must pay) My beef is with the way the readers wrote in. If these people are OUTRAGED at the way the shidduch process is going in terms of craziness. Why do they not sign their letters with their full names. It is definitely hypocritical to be so against something yet unwilling to actually make it real. Are they in fact full of it, and scared of their children’s shidduch chances because they spoke out against the status quo?

After noticing the anonymity of the snippet horror stories that readers had sent in, without the full names of the writers. I fel that there was no way of verifying these stories to be true or mere fabrications of the editing staff on Mishpacha Magazine to try and sell more copies through controversial topics such as these. If large news companies can fabricate stories and get away with it, whats to stop these small publications with minimal readership?