Judging your fellow Jew: all this week on Frum Satire

We Jews love to judge each other, in other places this may be referred to as racial profiling without the racial aspect of course, unless the fellow Jew you are trying categorize happens to be black, brown, red, yellow, Indian-feathers or red dots, Asian-any of the slanty eyed combos, African American, any sphardic, Hispanic, Latino or any other race. Here I am referring to judging people not based on skin color- because face it most frummies are white, but rather based on their entertainment preferences, yarmulke type, shulls mechitza height, type of foods they serve for shabbos, whether or not they use words like shayich, dafka and nisrynos, based on the type of schools they attend, their living room set ups and a million other things that people judge for.

In the past I have had many posts pertaining to the judging of your fellow frummy I even have a category devoted to it. I have written posts on how to judge your fellow frummy based on first names, stuff that is contained in their living and dining rooms, what Jewish newspapers they read and how fast they shuckel during davening.

While these have provided many with a good hearty laugh and a wakeup call as to how foolish it is to judge your fellow Jew based on stupidity rather then if they are shomer mitzvos or not, I have never broken down the categories and judged at length. One of my more popular posts, the one that started it all, broke down the categories, but only gave blurbs to see what sets the Chasidish apart from the Flexidish or the Modern orthodox Machmir from the Yeshivish Modern. In this series of postings I intend to devote each post to a certain group and possibly break down the factions within them. I will also devote more space to different methods of judging, such as judging based on shull types, tunes for licha dodi, what types of talesim the shull goers wear, what sort of foods one is most likely to find at their shabbos table, words they use, major halachos they tend to ignore and so on. Check back all this week for the different posts.