Does speaking against crazy Chumra’s mean you hate frum Jews?

In honor of the chumra of the month posting I have received a lot of hate mail. Even Life-of-Rubin has taken up my cause. Kudos to you brave souls who trust me not to gather up all your email addresses and sell them to Only Simchas or Jdate. “Why do you hate frum Jews so much?” This is the main question. Let us bisect this some more. I can understand someone who constantly bashes the frum community in serious ways on things that have no basis what so ever, my bashing is comical and meant to expose the frum communities stupidity. If someone does something stupid and alienates a bunch of people shouldn’t someone step in a try and diffuse the situation.

The bans are STUPID and they make for great material because they are so STUPID and FUNNY at the same time. I understand that in the more right wing sects of Judaism they teach you to just soak up whatever they tell you and not ask questions, they also feed you constant right wing information without ever considering opposing sides. And since you are so right wing shouldn’t you be scared of someone telling you exactly how to live your lives.

We have halacha, Torah, mussar, talmud, etc… But to try and make new laws that appear to just alienate people just because they feel like it is WRONG. And to all you people who email me for hating frum Jews, ask yourselves this- why exactly is someone who criticizes the community seen as a HATER- Its kind of like when Pres Bush said “you are either with us or against us” which was one of his dumbest lines ever. So if you “question” how the administartion handled Iraq – you are “evil” You crazy one sided frummies are just as bad as bush for not allowing freedom of speach, thought and information.

I understand the reasons for the Rabbis banning Miami, but what I don’t understand is YOUR ignorance on why it is such a harsh and stupid move. Do you people not understand that the banning will just continue. Whats next? Babies will have to born to the women alone because doctors seeing is untznius and the babies are naked etc… Or what other places will be banned, Israel should be banned, as well as LA, Long Island and any other place with a beach within 200 miles- and yet people keep saying I should move out of Albany because of its small community. Looks like I am the frummest of all- because not only is there no beach, its too cold for pritzus.