Do Frummies not understand the title of my site?

So I decided to publish these two comments below because the person reading my site obviously has no idea what SATIRE means and actually wins the award for spelling worse than I do- I know who thought it was possible?
Ok in regards to the issuring of Miami, I understand that you think it should be banned- even though thousands of Orthodox Jews call it home. I think NYC should be banned and every one who cares about halacha should move to the middle of nowhere because there will be no pritzus. Now be realistic, the Rabbis keep banning stuff and its not doing any good, all it does is garner publicity from us lefties who are pissed off that some Jews have to alienate all the other ones. Is banning Miami going to stop people from looking at porn, cheating on their wives, sexually abusing children, and not being able to afford to pay school tuition. Why dont the Rabbis try and find solutions to their problems rather than copping out and banning everything.

It just blothers me that instead of trying to gain more members the frummies seek to insulate themselves as much as possible and repel anyone who had an interest in their ways in the first place. Its understandable to try and ban things like TV and movies- which are just luzuries that people can live without- of course that makes them want it even more.

Will people not be allowed to marry folks from Miami now? How about if there is a hotel for pesach, will no vaad allow them to operate?

Ok now for the last part. I was only joking around- I do not have an axe to grind since I have nothing to do with the ultra orthodox movement. I just am looking out for my fellow Jews.

Someone who is happy with crazy chumra’s: and cant take a joke.

say as u want but i have heard from non right wing flame throwing rabbis that going to places where immodestly clad women will be is considered abizrayhu di’arayot and abizrayhu di’arayot are yahoarog vial ya’avor
so u may say it is just a chumrah but do u know halach?
or are u just trying to obfuscate the issue by bringing up child molestation.

In response to my wanting to get a masturbation heter: man frummies are so serious sometimes- I never claimed to know halacha I just claimed that birth control heters are very sought after.

mayb u bettter learn the halachot of Z”L and BC
sex done in the natural way is no problem
y dont u learn thru the talmud where it discusses BC with all the commentators be4 asking such question
questions are alright but first get a basic understanding and then ask