Are you productive in the car?

I love to drive and I drive a ton. Somehow my odometer in my 99 Subaru reads 235,000 miles. Driving and music are a fitting combination and thats great because I love music too. I was recently talking with my buddy Kalman a fellow music junky who drives a lot for work and he told me he rarely listens to music in the car anymore. I was shocked and proceeded to call him a sellout, mamzer and a bunch of other unmentionables. After all why would someone have 10,000 albums downloaded onto an external hard drive with a full 60gb I-pod if they weren’t listening to music. His answer was that he has decided to become productive while driving.

What, head banging to punk rock, 80s metal and klezmer wasn’t productive enough for him? I thought about how much nose picking I get done in the car, and all the calories I add while munching on sugar laden road snacks, and all the sight seeing I can do to the sweet sounds of the Dead and random bluegrass stuff.

Books on tape, mussar shmuzim, chofetz chaim yomi?!!!!!!!!! Dude your not 45 years old and going through a midlife crisis I said. Remembering all those poison shows and jam band hippie affairs, and watching them go down the drain in the name of productivity. 5 guys in fishnets and makeup singing about cruising the boulevard on the night is not that productive I learned.

Then something interesting happened. I know the dudes from The Shmuz and one of my old buddies said he would “hook” me up with some stuff to listen to and than I can be productive at a low price. The website only charges $3 for a cd of the famous Rabbi Shafer throwing his maddening mussar at you with powerful punches and with a whole ton of useless factoids such as a short history of Walt Disney and the story of the first oil discovery in Pennsylvania in 1865. Yes indeed I could learn Torah improve myself and gain good useless information to use on my next shidduch. What did I have to lose?

As I listen to the stack of seven cd’s I just got frum Yechiel Zlotnick at The Shmuz I will review the different shmuzim.