Fan Mail

it sounds like you hate women, hate jews, hate yourself. if you want that to be your life, fine that is your choice, a bad one, but entirely your own. but why spread the hate. you may be funny and witty and even right in some of the points you express, but all you do is self-righteously (you know, much like you accuse the “frummies” of doing) sit behind your computer or run away to some wilderness. fix things if you find problems, dont just point it out.

if you ever had the oppurtunity of reading romance novels or watching movies, (and from the sound of your writing, this isnt a stretch) then you’d know the two things that women always want. they want love to last forever and they want their spouse to really know them, beyond their outside trappings. know them really, their essence. everything i have encountered as a jewish girl has shown me that living the life that i do, will get me what i want. you sit there and write how restricted women are, and i laugh thinking, how protected i am. all around me i see the secular world objectifiying woman, x-rated movies exist, men do frequent topless bars, and if women coworkers want to be cool they’ll go with the men to objectify their own gender, pornography is great business, every ad that sells whatever to men, needs a woman in it. i really much prefer not living that lifestyle.

i realize the unusuallness of me (not that you would know that it is unusual) responding to your writings, but i find myself pitying your misguided attempt at getting to the truth.

yet i have hope. rabbi akiva hated everything frum before he embraced it all.