You’ve been B.P.S.edâ„¢!!

You’ve been B.P.S.edâ„¢!!

In case you are wondering,B.P.S.â„¢ stands for “Boro Park Stareâ„¢”.

Have you ever walked through Boro Park and some chassidic kid/maidele cant seem to stop staring at you?

Have you caused an accident on 13th ave simply because you look and dress different and drivers were busy gawking at you and then they hit the hocker with the Lexus triple-parked in front of Eichler’s?

Have you…??

Well,you been B.P.S.edâ„¢!!!

Me and my friends were walking thru Boro Park one shabbos and people kept staring at us.We were dressed pretty normal ,yet no black hat or dead animal on our heads so we looked different than the usual crowd.I was a bit perturbed by the constant staring and open-mouth drooling(akin to the classic Ohel look) that I coined the term.

Ya’ll know what I mean.You’ve seen it,dont deny it!

(Not to be confused with Bullet Proof Stockings,although those can be equally deadly-Hat tip:Yisroel H.)

Comment if you’ve B.P.S.edâ„¢!

Note to copycats:This is my definition/term and is not for reprint in any form without permission!

Source: Jacob Da Jew’s Archive