My Date Monday Night: if only all girls were this blunt

I went out with this girl this past Monday night and the date went great. Great as in entertainment and fun, yet I had absolutely nothing in common with her. Not only did we not click in interests she had certain interests which were like the antithesis to my interests, IE running at the gym, watching TV and little interest in the outdoors. My dreams of a woman who felt a good date was a 15 mile jaunt through the woods went out the window almost immediately. On the bright side I did get to spend $35.30 on some entertaining conversation about how good and exciting it was to live in the vibrant singles community known as Washington Heights as well as learning the inside scoop on the happenings at the Mount Sinai shull which I have rated as the best place to check out the chicks due to their perfectly placed mechitza, that allows ongoing ogling without straining your neck. I had the perfectly battered four piece fish stick meal with some decent yet mushy fries. She had the mushroom lovers sandwich, which looked rather tasty and judging by her quiet yet content chewing she enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed looking at the curious brown and grey matter wedged between two pieces of thin roll, situated next to a bunch of salad greens with light oily dressing that was obviously judging from its viscosity a balsamic vinaigrette of some sort.

We sat in the dim light of Makor a trendy singles establishment on west 67th street on the Upper West side. Decent food, if not for our poor seat placement it could have been great people watching, in fact it would have been a perfect place to hone our spy skills as we tried to make out what each of the several dates were talking about. My date fondled the two tea light candles placed in clear glasses when we had finished our food, but did not yet want to leave due to some amplified laughter filled conversation. The talk was smooth and it remained free of those pesky awkward silences. No I did not see her as a potential marriage partner and no she did not see me as one either, but I had just splurged 35 bucks on this meal and was going to get the entertainment that I so rightly deserved. She did entertain me with her categories of guys and the saga of how she obtained her Facebook account, first through a friend and then through her sister until she finally broke down and did what thousands of people have been doing everyday to keep up with Jewish Geography much faster then Onlysimchas ever could have. Facebook can knock down Onlysimchas in a second in the Jewish geography wars.

And so we sat fiddling with our water glasses way after I had paid the small black check thing that saves the embarrassment of how much you just paid to have a conversation with someone you don’t know, and probably will never see again. Long after the water had been drained out of our glasses into our digestive systems to start breaking down the over priced meal we had just eaten, the waitress ever so silently kicked us out. So much for pleasantries eh?

I drove my date back to the heights already tired enough to see glaring in the lamps on the Henry Hudson Parkway and dropped her off with the cop out line that we will rock it shadchun style. Meaning I don’t want to reject you right here, so I will holler at the shadchun and give her my reasons to tell you. The next day we rocked it shadchun style with our mutual friend who had set us up. Yes I understood why she set us up and no I had nothing in common with her and didn’t want to go out again. Ok the girl liked me and felt the same way, though she did throw in that it had been quite the entertaining date, good boost that ego honey, I like that. So I was essentially conned into giving it another shot when I had already made up my mind that I couldn’t date this girl. Shadchuns have this persuasive power over their clients and can push you into more dates when it so clearly wouldn’t work out. I feel like shadchns all take tips from used car dealers, maybe that’s because all the big used car dealerships are owned by Jews and have a comrade type relationship with the local shadchunim, in Albany its Goldstein cars.

Why did I agree to another date? Because the person who set us up felt that the girls feelings would be hurt since she had a good time, I took the sucker punch and also felt bad. I dreaded calling her knowing that this was wrong and a lead on but did so anyway at the behest of the shadchun. We played phone tag and finally tonight we spoke. Good conversation, but before I could bust out the inevitable second date just to get it over with, she busted in with “what’s the deal with doing it shadchun style?” Cant we just be adults. Now she was speaking my language, she went on further and rather bluntly saying my exact feelings that another date would be a waist of time and that we had nothing in common and so on. Oh the febreeze was flowing, the fresh air was upon me and I was incredibly impressed with this girl, who in fact had read my previous posting about the pre-date jitters from a thread on yet had no idea it was me weird eh. So anyway we talked about the fact that this was a dead end date and there was no point in pursuing it any further. I felt so relieved and happy at the same time at this girls bluntness, I tend to be blunt but with old age I have grown accustomed to holding my thoughts inside my thick skull due to their tendency to offend because of their abrasive nature. Its not like I can just bust out the fact that I don’t want to date the girl again to her face- that’s just too awful. What if the girl was one of the sorts that was old- she wasn’t- but if she was and had been out on hundreds of dates- even though they do get to eat pretty much for free every time minus a few bucks in makeup- she would have felt hurt and rejected and I don’t want to be responsible for some chick overdosing on sleeping pills because the frum community has put her on the shelf due to her old age.

If only more girls and guys could be his up front with their dates and just bust out the fact that it’s a stale mate and there’s no point to go any further. If only the matchmaker would be able to see when there is no potential. Understandably many shadchuns try to push for a second date, and this is fine, but there are many circumstances when it is pointless and only causing more tzaras for a moot point to be made.