This album review is lovely

I picked up one of many alternative weeklies while I was used book and cd shopping last week in Northhampton Mass. I absolutely loved this album Review by staff writer. Tom Sturm- I have never heard of this band and have no idea what they sound like by the way.

Road- (Merry Go Room) by Tom Sturm
This is a wet one, flowing and entrancing with Frippian guitar loops, lots of reverb and octave vocal harmonies and a general tone that shouts (quite quietly), “mood, mood, mood”. The vibe of the tune runs through the indie/folkie range from Pavement to Wilco to sea change era Bec, chugging along to a rythm section that evokes the laid back simplicity of Charlie Watt. Gorgeous noodly guitars and keyboards are everywhere, further evoking a stoner-ish asthetic that’s both deep and wide as an ocean of warm pink nyquil. The songs definately channel something aboriginal as well, but more through Andy Summers and Peter Gabriel. Watch out: this album plus a bottle of Harvey Bristol Cream mind wind you up married.