The pre-date jitters

I have a date tomorrow night, along with having a date comes the pre-date jitters as I call them. I feel as if everyone gets them, and especially when the girl sounds promising. My pre-date jitters are at the peak since I have yet to call the girl yet, when I do it I know I will sit on my couch, lump in my throat, fondling that small piece of ripped out notebook paper with her name and number on it, I will struggle to get past that awkward hello is this ______ and then I will move into the conversation, since the date is pretty much set for tomorrow I don’t have to have that whole awkward phone conversation. Instead I get to save all my date material for the actual date. Dates are mind of like stand up comedy routines, run out of material and you get heckled and shot down. Not all dates have to consist of talking about the same old crappy family and hashkafa stuff along with traditional dating stuff. It can be fun and spontaneous, but this only happens with a good routine planned out.

Normally I don’t have the pre-date jitters but a Google search of tomorrow nights courting proved to be very promising, with her name mentioned on several blog postings by 2 different bloggers. Both of them had to do with events that she was at and the person writing stating that this person is very cool. Ok fine that’s good, but looks, that thing everyone won’t talk about, even me I don’t ask for hotness, I just ask for in shape. Its my roundabout way, will they be able to walk 15 miles in a day without dying? This is important to me. After Google the next stop for any date stalker is Facebook, score, her Facebook picture though a 1 inch mostly upper body and face photo revealed more promising results, her bone structure of her face revealed that she would be skinny and fit, her smile was worth a million bucks and all her teeth were there and they were white. The photo was also in black and white another intriguing thing. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see her profile, but if the date goes well, then you can do that. Facebooking someone is super creepy and stalkerish, but it does reveal plenty about them. Employers as well as schools do it to almost all potential applicants and soon I think yeshivas will do it too. She has no Myspce account but I was satisfied with the results.

That is why I have those jitters, she seems interesting enough to wonder where to go or what to do. I don’t live in NY so I have idea what to do. I usually just walk around a park or go to Starbucks, lame dates that foster conversation. I am a talker after all, if the date is bad I tell them I can just entertain myself by talking to myself simple as that.