Charedim ban denim skirts and womens post high school education

Denim skirts are nasty anyway, they dont rveal much, they dont show a panty line and they are never sexy, unless the womens thongs is sticking out- but most of the time that would be nasty as well. So I agree that denim skirts should also be banned, but you know what the charedim left out of their decrees as they sought to ban denim skirts, I think those ugly ass turbans that every chasidish women must wear to hide her shinead O’Connor hairdo. We should burn the turbans and their beged ish reminders. After all since Arab men wear turbans shouldn’t they be considered beged ish? The charedim should also ban walking outside, since that where all untznius women hang out, maybe if they banned walking outside and pulled a Rodney King on everyone caught walking ouitside they could achieve full population control while still doubling their population every few months.

So let me get this straight, you want women to have ten kids and the husbands to learn in yeshiva. Then you tell the women that jobs and making money is assur. Are you just trying to bring the dependancy theory to life or are you trying to sell more add space in the Yated and Hamodia papers by filling every possible add with some story about Yankel and his wife Sarahla that have tem kids but dont want to work because work is banned and now they say that you should donate your money to them because of the conditions created by their own Rabbi’s. It reminds me of the whole Jess Jackson and Al Sharpton theory of holdinmg the black man down so they can keep their jobs. Is it so bad in the charedi communities that if they dont fill the status quo of deeming things assur they will lose their jobs. Kind of like cops giving out lots of speeding tickets at the end of the month eh.