Facebook and Craigslist can be used to Make Shidduchim

I have posted many times my ideas on how more people could suggest shidduchim and usually they are shot down by the classic frummy comment of “we just don’t do things that way” to which I reply that the whole point of my post is to break the status quo in the frum world and to open up some minds a little but. If there is in fact a shidduch crisis and it is in fact permeating into the yeshivish and charedi world someone within those communities better want to change the status quo because the current way isn’t working now is it. Yes according to many sources including a few listed on the Kallahmagazine.wordpress.com blog it appears that there are more women then men. If this is the case one would figure shull would be teeming with little desperate honeys looking for some action ahem a shidduch. But no I see the same people everywhere I go checking up on peoples challah covers and what sort of chrain they use as their shidduch information. Rather then changing the status quo slowly but surely by breaking down the Iron Curtian between the sexes and allowing more interaction at weddings, brisim, and other events or by readily accepting the internet as a very useful tool in the shidduch process.

I understand that Saw you at Sinai and Frumster are used by many within the more yeshivish communities, though it is still seen by many as ridiculous. I thought of some other ideas in which shidduchim could be made or at least be suggested. Craigslist.com is not only for people looking for causal sex and deviant activities. I have seen in the New York personals sections a few ads for people looking for shidduchim. Many of you say, that craigslist is too anonymous and people may lie, to which I will respond that it is a free service no more trustworthy then Frumster where I know of people who lie about all sorts of things.

My other suggestion to break out of this ridiculous status quo is for those who are members of facebook.com one of the largest social networking sites that religious Jews seem to be a part of is teeming with tons of girls and boys looking for a shidduch. Either they haven’t thought of this or I am just out of the loop, but many facebook people know each other through friends as the site reveals and there are clubs devoted to this. Including the group “ I am Single Find Me a Shidduch” which is open to all. Yet this club that was recently started to help people use facebook as a shidduch tool has only 11 members.

The classic comments which I am sure will be posted here due to the crappy weather will consist of its too off the cuff and frummies don’t do that sort of thing etc… Well when there are thousands of say over 28 year old yeshivish singles C”V maybe they will begin to rethink the whole mechitza at the wedding thing or closing down pizza stores on Saturday nights because G-d forbid singles of the opposite sex actually have conversations with each other.