Ten Macos Themed Restaurnt

Announcing brand new dining experience from Israelite Caterers:

Come dine in style while you experience some of the most exotic appetizing delights while enjoying your special themed room in the Ten Macos Restaurant brought to you exclusively by Israelite Caterers. Unlike any other in Cairo

A sampling of some of the dishes on our menu:

Mixed green salad: featuring sugared fried locusts, the most delicate frogs legs you have ever had drizzled with a bloody raspberry vinaigrette

Aged meats: (boils got you feeling down) we have an assortment of meat that was lying around after last months plague and it aged quite well

* Roasted first born in a sweet and sour sauce served on a bed of lettuce

General Pharaohs frog legs: and you thought the French were the only ones that knew this exotic but chic dish

**Bloody Marries: a inviting combination of preserved water from a few months ago and fermented plague water create this magnificent alcoholic beverage

Try one of our themed rooms, because we won’t let you go without it.

The Dark room: Not a photographers studio but rather complete darkness without those cheesy romantic candles. So dark you will feel unable to move at its intensity, a truly riveting experience.

The Fire and Ice room: We provide the hardhats as you try and get that frog leg into your mouth before the hail lands in your soup bowl.

The Boils room: For sadists usually, this room brings new feelings for calamine lotion.

The Lice room: Brings back memories of your mom wielding that nix comb doesn’t it.

Live Music schedule

The Croaking Frogs- just when you think they are done, well they keep on jamming.

Multiplying Frogs- their band is huge, completely experimental.

Hail Pharaoh- need I say more

Slaves of Egypt- they build pyramids of music and then they start all over again, they incorporate all sorts of weird sounds including quicksand gulping buildings and whips cracking on backs.

*Serves four

**Must be over 21