My Quarter Life Crisis

I just tried to get a job, the perfect job it may have been really. Two women just came into the store and tried to bargain with me on pretty much everything in the store. They were obviously New Yorkers, I despise them usually. They spoke of my lack of marketing for the store, why don’t you take 50% off everything 25% is too little. How about a big sign and so on. Don’t know how we got down to business but one of the ladies the more talkative one with that golden hair that is curly and seen on most women over 70, well she spoke of her antique dealership and I spoke of my interest in that field. Not for the money, nut for the hunt, the hunt for value in junk, one mans junk is another mans treasure flashed across my mind. I asked her how to tell if the picture frame was worth a lot. She spoke of my excitement and how funny I was I felt good.

She complimented and spoke of antiques and ebay- her disdain for ebay rather- she was surprised to find that I was full agreement. Ebay ruins the hunt, it ruins the touching and feeling part of picking up the item, gently caressing its old cracked lines, holding it up to the light to get a better view, imagining who made the item or where it came from. Ebay removes the buyer from that experience, it puts the item on a screen and instead of searching all day through some damp cellar in the Finger Lakes region you can find that antique quilt pen buy clicking on the mouse.

I tried to say, hey how about hiring an apprentice to wander around the back roads of New York and visit random flea markets and barn sales and bargain with these fine folks selling their junk. I could wander around and see the country side and buy cool things all for practice and for the betterment of her business. But no she wouldn’t have it, she seemed too good anyway, not in need of some random dude to do what she loved to do anyway. She also has a love for old factories and abandoned railroad stations in Towns like Akron and Ticonderoga.

She also wants to drive aimlessly through the back roads of New York and happen upon the ruins of some old cement factory and take pictures of the grass growing through the cracks of an abandoned parking lot with her 30 year old manual cameras. She also wants to understand why the eastern and western regions of New York State are different in terms of architecture, living standards and economy. She also has inkling to wander through the old mill towns of the upper Hudson River.

So here I am once again thrust back into my quarter life crisis- oh yeh I turned 25 today- feeling void of any purpose. Yes life is good, I am alive, I am able to hike, ride and do whatever. But still I am void of work. I don’t mean work for money or fancy items I mean work for the sake of doing something pleasurable to pay my bills. I have been searching for two months and nothing has lead anywhere. What will I do, everytime I enter Wal Mart I wonder if I will be reduced to welfare and working at a cash register my whole life. Not creating just living, man was made to create, I want to create not just do.

The woman said I should go into business myself or go on radio. I do talk a lot, but I have no ambition for work. My ambition only comes once I am thrust into the working environment. Every job I have ever held I have been commended on my work ethic and willingness to do as told and get the job done.

I feel hopeless most of the time in this whole finding a job dilemma. I hear about people finding jobs through friends and connections and I sit helplessly by while they go and work and make dough, live debt free get married and have great lives. Don’t get me wrong my life kicks ass, but I feel like without the sense of accomplishment that comes from work it is void of something. I don’t care if it’s a high position, after all work should be what YOU love and not what someone else considers a good position.

Ok now who the heck is going to give me a job that includes driving around back roads looking for antiques or other treasures thrown out by average citizens looking to make a few extra bucks.