The mystery of the spoiled milk

So my roommate keeps cholov yisroel and therefore only drinks New Square milk. Problem is that for some reason of which I will discuss the milk never lasts more then 3 or 4 days. It is delivered every Thursday to Price Chopper, and then once you buy it it pretty much spoils right away at least compared to my normal milk. My milk lasts at least 10 days sometimes more. So what is the deal?

My roommate thinks that since New Square pretty much has a monopoly in upstate NY cholov yisroel, that they deliberately send bad milk or the almost expired stuff etc… They happen to have a monopoly, because golden flow doesn’t reach the upper reaches of NY beyond Rockland County. Shouldn’t my roomy be dam m’cav zchus?

I thought of another reason. It is a vast conspiracy against Lubavitchers everywhere. You see the Skvere Chasidim like most Chasidim probably hold some grudge against chabadnicks- maybe because the Tanya was widely translated or the whole mechichits thing or maybe because their girls are bunch of hotties. They also know that the only people who use cholov yisroel outside the major metropolitan areas are Lubavitchers. Since all of the Modern non-chasidim hold of Rav Moshe’s sheeta on not having to use cholov yisreol milk nowadays. So maybe its their own little way of getting back at the Lubbies for all the damage doen back in the days of the Alter Rebbe and such.

The real reason is that it is not shipped properly and the Price Chopper people don’t handle it correctly causing it to lose shelf life. Exactly one day is lost for every hour milk is kept out of the fridge. So this teaches us that it is important not to jump to conclusions and always give people the benefit of the doubt.