How was your weekend?

So I bet all of you are wondering what I did this weekend. It was a long weekend not because of the red suited fat old rabbi looking guy but because the weather was mighty fine and I had to enjoy it because well you never know in December. On Thursday night I loaded up my skis and all the goodies into my car and drove to Killington 2 hours away. I stayed at my buddies’ dads place near the mountain and skid on Friday, being it was erev shabbos I skid for 4 hours and then left. Considering the fact that all the snow was artificial and only about 25% of the trails were open is was quite fun to ski. Maybe it was because the holiday pricing kicked in right after I left or because the 35 degrees and sunny weather was quite nice or maybe because I haven’t skid in a year but it was worth my $59 to ski for 4 hours.

Shabbos was spent at Shabbos House in Albany and then Saturday night by freak accident I wound up chilling with a buddy who was down in Tannersville at his uncles ski house- what’s the deal with ski houses. Sunday morning it was windy as all hell and sleeting. With two bikes on my car I made my way down from the Catskills to the Newburgh area to ride, the weather cleared up, the sun came out and the temp was over 50 degrees. The riding was amazing to say the least, I rode for 2 hours and then my entire rear tire blew up- it was worn out at the bead and I expected it, problem was I thought someone was shooting at me when it popped. It is small game season and the pop could have been a subsonic .22 round. I screamed into the wind at nobody sounding like an idiot and happily walked my bike on trails while listening for the sound of traffic on I84 that would tell me which direction to go. I wound up right by my car and realized that the trail I was on made a perfect loop- I was overjoyed at my discovery of a new and awesome loop and was in a perfect mood.

Blasting some sort of punk rock maybe Face to Face, I meandered through the back roads of Orange county gradually making my way towards New York. I wound up in Monroe of all places and driving down the main street I found a used CD store. Bieng that used CD stores are a dying breed they excite me immensely. I walked in and to my surprise they had a nice Jazz and Punk section. On top of this they were having a half off used CD sale. Oh man was I in heaven. The Lord really was loving me today I thought. In NY that night I got chill with my brother who is in from Colorado for a few weeks and some old friends of the fam. Then after a big shwarma supper in some place by YU I headed downtown and met up with my buddy for a ride through Central Park at night, the culmination of a great weekend. Then Monday I had a date and got to finally explore prospect park on foot and wandered around for the better part of 4 hours.

After my date, I called my only buddy in Brooklyn and we went out to eat at some place called Jerusalem Steak House on Avenue M. He paid and the food was quite good. He also couldn’t finish his skirt steak so I took it home as well as mine which I could barely finish.

Then today as I was driving back to Albany I was caught by a NY state trooper going 74 in a 50mph zone on the Palisades pkwy. He does the traditional and then referring to the PBA sticker on my car asks me who I know in the force. I say no one and that I got the sticker because the Politician I worked for fought for laws supporting troopers. Well after hearing that he just told me to try and slow down. I shouted a big gracious thank you to HaShem and recited tephilas haderech with a renewed vigor. And then all of the sudden I was back in Saratoga Springs at work in an empty store surfing the net.