Why are Jews celebrating Christmas

 My friend an Alumnus of University Illinois Recieved this email- which was quite disturbing.

As you all know Christmas is rapidly approaching, and thus Christmas Eve is also rapidly approaching. There are numerous options of places for young adult Jews to celebrate in Chicago and we wanted to remind you of one in particular which is put on by a fellow Jew of I Alumni, who has in the past coordinated RockMitzvah.

Regardless of where you end up on Sunday night, we hope you have a fun night and wonderful “holiday season.” Keep spinning those dreidels and enjoy the end of Chanukkah.

Looking forward to L’chaims with you,

Bob and MelissaJew of I Alumni

I wonder if they call the high holiday season, The Holdiay Season

One might think at first glance that erev Christmas is the perfect time for Jews to celebrate, since all of their non-Jewish buddies are spending time with family and Friends and Christmas celebarting with Christians is taking a little too far so Jews instead will celebrate with each other.

Is it right to have any sort of celebration on a day that marks the birth of a man that has led to the destruction of countless Jews in his name. Should we celebrate the day before Stalin or Hitler was born? I know some of you may say that its not the same thing, but seriously, the Crusades, Inquisition, and countless progroms. 

I understand that many Jews who are getting drunk, laid and doing their general partying at the event listed abve or any of the counless other erev Christmas and christmas day events. One is not even supposed to learn Torah on this day and yet Jews are having parties. Is this right? And dont tell me most of these assimilated Jews dont know of such things. In NYC one of the biggest things to do is called the Matzo Ball, and let me tell you it is just a bunch of assimilated Jews who do not know the difference between kishke and cholent. Furter more they have them in many different cities. Miami, Denver, Boca, Boston and DC. Please tell me that this is not happening.

This is pure insanity, I cannot believe Jews celebrating their day of destruction. Its almost like celebrating on erev Yom Kippur or Tisha Ba’av. Ok I am done.