TV is more time spent between channels

So your sitting at home watching TV and generally waisting your life away in front of the boob tube. You have your chips, popcorn, soda, left over cholent and kugel or any other variety of unhealthy artery clogging foods. Watching your favorite show and just having a ball on a sunday afternoon when all of the sudden there’s a commercial break.

Your brain gives your arm the signal to move off of the pillow you have put it on and grab the remote control thrown on the side of your kishke plate. You point the invisible laser at the box and boom you start to change channels. You find something interesting but assume there will be an even better way to spend the 2 minute long commercial then actually watching it. You start going up and find another program. Once again youthink of all the other goodness going on, on some other channel. Then the commercial break is over and your back at your show foranother few minutes.

┬áNow with the invention of digital cable we have begun the age of multiple channel changings and in a sense more time spent changing the channels then actually watching TV. I have been at peoples houses that all they did was change the channels and look at the little blurb to see what the program was about. Now instead of changing channels why dont we all kill our televisions and get off our butts and do some excersize. Instead we keep our TV’s to brainwash us into buying crap we dont need and to continue to gain weight. Then you join the gym and do pilates to try and lose wait unsuccessfully in your dull subarban lives.