Pastrami Sandwich with Cheese Please

You know I have never had a meat sandwich with cheese on it but most of them sound interesting. A meatball sub with cheese sounds workable as does a chicken parmigan sandwich or the traditional cheese burger. I have always thought of cheese and meat as disgusting, maybe from my upbringing or just because I am not a cheese fan in general. But those and other traditional cheese and meat combos seem to work in my mind. I thought today about a kosher deli and how cheese and traditional kosher delis just don’t mix. A pastrami sandwich with melted cheese on top with a side of coleslaw and a half sour pickle makes me want to barf. Or maybe a cheese and kasha knish eww. Or how about grated mozzarella on your farfel. Or maybe matzo ball soup with a cheese crouton floating amidst the chunks of veggies and chicken pupicks. You see cheese really doesn’t mix with the Jewish Deli at least not for me.