GM-Ford and the Nazis

Most Jews wont buy German cars, my father included, due to feelings of supporting those who supported the mass extermination of the Jews. This is completely understandable, but what I don’t understand is how those same Jews will buy other products including cars from non-German companies that supported the Nazis. I read over the weekend a compelling article about GM’s role in supporting the Nazis through their subsidiary Opel. Opel was owned by GM and Hitler went as far as awarding the European corporate manager of GM a very high award in some sort of business doings. GM knew what was going on there and yet they continued to direct Opel to manufacture cars and other stuff for the war effort. Fine this is more or less unknown to the masses of Jews who refuse to buy German products, but what I cannot understand is how they can purchase anything made by Ford Motor Co. Henry Ford was a proud anti-Semite who went as far as writing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which Hitler praised and also called Ford an inspiration after he was made chancellor in 1933.

So here is my question. How can the same Jews who will not purchase German goods, citing holocaust supporters yet turn around and buy GM and Ford products. In Brooklyn many Jews own Winstars and Volvos and Hummers – yet Mercedes and Porches are almost non-existent. Understandably Volkswagens were used to gas Jews to death and many German auto makers supported the efforts of the Nazis but how about the two automakers mentioned above?