Ten present but no minyan

But there’s ten people here already what are we waiting for? Someone asks over again when they see we are not starting. I have been ashamed of myself many times with this line. It happens all the time and someone always becomes the embarrassed one. Someone always has to jab the guilty party in the rib and mumble that there is only 9 hint, hint. Ohhhhhhhhhh, and then the radar is on scanning the room to find the culprit. Hmm… I didn’t know he wasn’t Jewish you point with your mind when you find the culprit. Of course some people are open about it proclaiming loudly that they cannot be counted toward the minyan, but ever so often there is someone who does not admit it and we must scan the room trying to find out who it is. It is extremely awkward when this happens, it tends to happen where I go quite often and I am always shocked to find out that some dude who seemed like they were even an FFB is not even Jewish. But there is nothing quite like the awkward 10 people present but no minyan in sight event.