Funky Talasim

A plaid talis, I thought to myself as I wondered where this man got such a thing. Maybe Burberry had some special where it was getting rid of its leftover material and this man became clever and decided to wear a less than plain talis. Yeh every shull has the token guy with the ticheles strings and theres also the dude with the rainbow talis – usually the ex hippies turned suburbanites who settled into comfortable homes with there mortgages and suv’s but still want to cling to yesteryear when they were tripping acid in their Volkswagen bus on Haight Ashbury while waiting for the next Dead show to hit up. Then all of the sudden they are wearing suits to work listening to Kenny Loggins and driving a blue minivan. So those guys always have some weird story. Then there are the sfardi white talasim and the chabbad style of rolling up the talis because the Rebbe wanted the best of both worlds so he had his black strips and his solid white talis going on – I always wondered why just don’t don two of them kind of like the two pairs of tefilin in the morning.

So this Burberry talis naturally caught my attention- the guy didn’t look interesting but looks can be deceiving – I look like a completely normal dude – but really I am insane. This brought me to thinking about this Judaic catalog I received in the mail, which featured some of the weirdest talasim I have ever seen, I am sure some of the garments if worn to a normal shull may garner stares and eventual expulsion of cherem if your in a more frummy area. So they have the Miriam playing her tambourine talis that features Miriam and two other women playing and dancing their way to Jerusalem, forget kol isha – this takes the bank. Imagine in a Yated reading shull, I don’t even want to its too violent but imagine if a shull that reads the paper that is void of women even in ads for sheitle’s or snoods.

This talis is my favorite I will reprint what is written as a description:

Galilee Pink Flowers Tallit Set: This delicate talis will remind you of a light, warm breeze on a spring day as it envelopes you in soft, airy, 100% hand painted silk.

Sounds like we should all be holding hands smoking herbs and talking about our feelings of hope for the State of Palestine. Nice huh.

I happen to be all about talis experimentation if its holy why not make it cool and special, like some tie-dye or something? It would go perfectly with my idea which I persue whenever I see likely customers or dread locked sheitle’s.