I gotta vent

Why do car manufacturers have to change their product all the time, is it because we have short attention spans and need to constantly have new things?

I drive a 1999 Subaru Outback Limited – when I bought it the folks failed to mention that since it was a 30th aniversary limited edition the damned car was changed for no apparant reason.

Dear Subaru why is my engine, transmission, clutch etc… different from all others? Why are the years 93-98 and 2000 and on the same yet 1999 you had to go “limited”? Please tell me why? t is driving me nuts no pun intended. I have had to replace the engine and now transmission – what ever happened to manual transmissions lasting forever huh? Why do I even bother? Why not sell it and buy a different one?

Well no one exactly wants a car with 220,000 miles – even if you tell them the engine only has 80k on it. And I cant buy a similar car for $2k so I keep pouring in my hard earned debt via credit card balance transfers and dumpster dive for my household appliances, books, clothing, etc…

Why dont you just stop driving? I cant, I am addicted to seeing new things and going new places, I would hitchhike all over the place but the whole myspace/sexual predator thing is a turn off and thats my rant.