The Marijuana Debate

If marijuana was legal would you smoke? And so the infamous question of which I have been asked in many different ways was thrust upon me. I have been fielding the “why don’t you smoke?” questions ever since I was around 15 years old. Its usually a bunch of us sitting in a car before a concert, movie, bike ride, on the ski lift, at a party, or dozens of other scenarios and the finely crafted hand blown bowl is unsheathed containing some sweet smelling hydro, it gets passed around until its my turn – and then the question is popped immediately after my declining to get stoned with whomever I am with.

I have the look, or so I have been told pretty much ever since the beginning of high school. In high school I definitely had the look, baggy khakis, Hawaiian shirts and whatever else was on the clearance rack at Pacific Sunwear. Sometimes I even played along making kids think I was the biggest stoner in the world- I do have this stoner voice after all. But mostly they didn’t realize I wasn’t interested in getting high, until it was well time to get high. I never felt uncomfortable like other kids I knew, I just wasn’t interested, neither was I interested in drinking.

If marijuana was legal would you smoke? M y response to this question is better said then written like any of my rants, but here goes. I like to be in control, I like to experience whatever it is I am experiencing without enhancement. If I am going to a concert as I was last night – (Particle headlined while The Bridge opened- very good by the way) I want to feel the music through my own ears and not be high or drunk or buzzed or whatever- my philosophy- I am in now way telling others what to do. Due to the nature of my job I cannot take this issue on politically but I do flow in a more Green Party sort of way if you know what I mean.

Furthermore I never smoked because the convenience of just being able to smoke whenever you want makes it addictive mentally and the why not smoke attitude kicks in. I would have to say a good majority of my friends were or still are potheads, many of them were lazy, depressed, tired etc… when they did not have access to their herbal remedies. Yes I know every ones going to argue that there are scientific studies proving any of this etc… First off let me make this clear – I would have to say I would rather my kids were pot smokers then drinkers- alcohol does way more harm then pot will ever do. Pot will not kill you and apparently is not addictive.

Then I when I was in my lower 20’s I was like eh I should just start smoking a bit – its free its social and its fun. Problem was I didn’t feel like it anymore – gone was the peer pressure which, I never succumbed to anyway and gone was the excitement surrounding it.

This brings me to my final topic of discussion. My friend also asked me why many Jews believe in getting drunk to bring them to higher levels most notably Lubavitchers through the fabrengin but they shun marijuana and other natural hallucinogens? My friend told me he asked a local Rabbi and he responded with the cop-out answer of Malchusay Deena (law of the land). Here is my beef with the malchusay deena cop-out answer to anything that is illegal. I am positive that nearly everyone in this country breaks the law every day without even realizing it. Using cell phones in the car, speeding, not stopping fully at stop signs, giving alcohol to children under age, opening up other peoples mail, tearing off those tags on your mattresses, burning dvd’s from blockbuster, etc… So what would be the correct answer to why Jews who believe so much in getting higher through torah by introducing alcohol will not smoke da herb?