Married life should include your passions

You know when you get married its not going to be the same my friend said to me. Don’t think your going to have time to go on all your little escapades around the country, and take off whenever you want. Don’t dream of how its going to be the same, you probably wont even ride or hike after you get married anyway – it will all be different – wait and see, you might as well start getting serious. Its not that important that the person you marry enjoys the outdoors you know, marriage is not all about hobbies etc…

At this point I usually think to myself, so is marriage kind of like people who want to convert to Judaism, you push them away and make sure they are serious. You know scare the crap out of them and watch them run in horror with any thought of marriage, settling down etc… Well that’s what I think whenever someone tries to convince me that the outdoors is not that important in life, I used to agree sort of acknowledging that yes I will not be able to skip out on my wife for quick jaunts to Utah or Montana, or even to the trails 3 hours away. But I do not give in at all to the fact that my obsession, addiction, love or whatever you call it is not a worthy thing to seek for in a mate. Nor is it unreasonable to think that even after biting the bullet and tying the not will I never be able to partake in my passions again. Yet constantly I am being told this, I am being told to go out with women who have no understanding of my personality simply because they are not nature freaks. It is important to note that tree huggers can really only be understood by fellow tree huggers, other folks just don’t understand I have found based on my sociological observations.

Why are married people trying to convince us single folks us the hard times to come and how marriage basically sucks some seriously sweaty jock straps? Are they merely trying to convince us not to get married, trying to tell us of their mistakes or are actually serious that once you get married you cannot enjoy anything of your single life and must completely reinvent yourself? This cannot be because I my friends who are outdoors addicts and are married with kids still partake albeit not as much in their activities of singledom. I think it has to do with a lack of understanding like I mentioned before, most people I have found are lacking in the number one ingredient for happy lives PASSION. They lack passion for many things including interests, passionate people can relate to me because they realize that no matter how hard it is they will pursue what they love – this is the philosophy I live by.