Cool Shadchun

So I mentioned in a rant last week that I spoke to a shadchun who upon learning my age, field of employment and location proclaimed that she has plenty of girls for me. In turn I brought that crap to you in an effort to change the shadchun’s protocol to try and improve the whole experience of going to shadchunim. Anyway this particular shadchun who lives in Brooklyn, agreed to set me up only if I met her. So I made the trek down to NYC got stuck in rush hour and finally made it to her humble Brooklyn home. The only reason I agreed to go was at the behest of my friend Joey who proclaimed that she has a huge database and knows tons of people, fine I’ll go – at least I’ll get to eat some good cheap food out while I’m there.

So with my normal negative attitude about shadchunim I sat down facing this normal sheitle clad, robe wearing, 13th avenue shopping, woman. She proceeded to take my information and as she did my negative attitude turned into complete praise. aRight off the bat I could tell this woman was like no other shadchun I had met. Immediately she asked what my interests and hobbies were and when I told her she told me that her and her hubby were into hiking and skiing and all sorts of nature filled active activities. I was thrilled finally someone who understood why I would venture to Alaska over spending time in Florida, finally someone who knew what it was like to feel oucastish from the frum community at large, and finally someone who could actually admit that theres no way she would set me up with someone from Brooklyn. As I proceeded to tell her about my family I mentioned where my brother lived to which her immediate question was whether he was a hippie vegan or not? Interesting I thought since he doesn’t live in a place that many frum Jews would know of. I got it I said with glee “you were a hippie weren’t you?” I asked joyous at my discovery. “Yes how could you tell?” The shadchun asked me. I know one when I meet one.

And so it went, she asked me real questions rather then aesthetic ones like the what color yarmulke or do you wear white shirts on shabbos? She asked me personality traits rather then simply concluding that based on my “look” she had potential suitors. Like by the way, would you consider yourself a go getter or more laid back? Or would you consider yourself stubborn or open? Maybe it was the fact that she has a psychology back round, or that she is a real person, whatever the fact she was very cool and helpful, and if she wasn’t so busy I could have chilled with her.