Different moods-different music

Pre-ride, driving in my car, windows open, head bobbing, voice screaming, heart thumping, muscles pumping, brakelights shining, got my bike on my roof, about to get muddy, bloody, sweaty, achy, adrenaline shot up, jump some ramps, stall some ledges, balze some muddy trail through a canopy of pine and a carpet of pine needles, pine cones, crunchy leaves and jagged rock, bug spray smelling, last rides un washed spandex or gloves donned, about to get chased by campus security- or cops, music: Disturbed- The Sickness, GnR- Appetite for destruction, Beastie Boys- Check Your Head, Face to Face- self titled, Rammstein- Senzsucht, Less Than Jake- Losing Streak, Any Me first and the Gimme Gimmes, Mettalica-Black.

Aching grinning cheek to cheek, blood and mud mixing together with sweat and peices of crunchy leaves sticking to my legs and arms, legs appear to resemble marble cake, chilling with other spandex clad beauties, showing off new parts, sitting on tail gate, munching on plastic energy bars, dumping water on my head, relishing my muddy self, relishing my beautiful bike, shirtless,Post ride music: John Scofield, Glactic, Addison Groove Project, Live Bela Fleck stuff, Ben Folds.

She takes your heart rips it from your chest like a scene out of Indiana Jones, still beating your heart is crushed under her pointy high heels as she goes and marries someone else, moaning, wondering about what to do next, depression, no appetite, total anxiety, life must go on- without you, some people contemplate suicide, some folks snort zanax, some people go to strip clubs, some people gamble, some people watch TV, some folks do nothing, some folks bitch and moan, some folks smoke pot and watch lazer shows on their computers, some people just go a sleep around, this is Broken Heart Music: Very loud Reel Big Fish(for some reason it always hits the spot) The Toasters, Dream Theater, Hammerfall, Evergrey, Steve Vai, The Beatles, The Who, Parliment, Tower of Power, Wu Tang Clan, Any old black blues men- Muddy Waters, Chuck Mangione, Luthar Johnson, Clapton(I know hes white), Freddie King, Albert King.

Just met a girl/guy you like, online, coffee shop, shull, frumster, Jdate, craigslist NSA, Missed Connections, Robin Bird Show, 1-900 number, hooker, strip club, teeny bopper club, tea lounge, laundromat, hiking, biking, painting, concert, blogging, Shidduch date, singles event, kiddish, shalosh suedos, Chat room, myspace, facebook, sexual predator website, work, school, cafetiria, conference- and you cant stop thinking about them Music: Addison groove project(its what I played after I met my “ex future wife”-I was grooving) Michael Jackson, Live Phish, Warrant- dog eat dog, Firehouse- self titled, Poison- look what the cat dragged in, Any funky stuff you can dance to. any Ska. Soullive.
Driving your car down a dirt road, shirt off, windows open, drinking a mountain dew, watching old men shirttails flapping in the wind as they mow their 3 acre lawns, children barefoot playing in the sprinklers, rusting hulks of old pickups sit proudly on cinderblocks, wind chimes flutter in the wind as they hang from the mobile homes roof, and I have no where to be music: BLUEGRASS- Old country, The Dead, Allman Brothers Band, The Doors- bluesy stuff, Clapton, Chilled Satriani stuff, Boston- more than a feeling, Instrumental Phish, Perpetual Groove, Steve Kimmock band, Particle, any obscure instrumental jambands, Bela Fleck without the flecktones, Jazz Mandolin Project, Stevie Ray Vaughn, New Riders of the Purple Sage.

Open road, riding with the big rigs, late at night passing brightly lit truck stops that feature 25 cent showers, hookers under that far off lamppost, all night buffets, and cheap diesel, flat roads through Kansas, Nebraska and eastern Montana, cows, plains, badlands, cows, some bison, cows, vast grasslands, 75 mph speed limits, smooth white concrete surface, no cops, warm breeze, dry, desert, prairie dogs, livestock crossing, cattle grates, flat, lifeless at night, lifeless in the day, more big rigs, trucks pulling campers, ranch exits, sleeping in pull offs, cyclists on highway, hitch hikers, old trucks, shirtless in the summer, bright sun, tumble weed, no destination, open road, packed car, bikes on roof, 20 rolls of film, camp stove, instant oatmeal mornings tuna eavnings, backpacking gear over flowing in the backseat, and loud never ending sweet tunes emanating from 8 speakers as we cruise down that lonely stretch of road toward the jagged heights of the rockies in the distance Music: Live Dead, Alabama, Garth Brooks, Dixie Chicks, Joe Diffie, The Stones, Any Country, any Oldies, 38 special, Van Halen, Blues, Zeplin, Cream, BOC, The Who, 80s pop, 90s pop even Backstreet Boys, Boston, Yes, Kansas, Iron Butterfly, Disco, Kc and the Sinshine Band, Cool and the Gang, 80s metal in the daytime- classic rock at night.

Smooth winding road through thick forest on a two laner in Northern British Columbia or Idaho’s Panhandle or the wide open plains of western Oklahoma, passing grain elevators, cliffs as high as the eye can see, towering snowcovered peaks where rock meets tree, grass and snow, wide valleys with clear blue rushing streams of whietwater stocked with silver salmon and placer gold deposits, small towns of abandoned cars, white clapboard houses and hard times, old rusty gas pumps, visible signs of the long forgotten mother road, roadside diners, route 66, 200 foot tall pine in Orgeon, shirtless again, seatbelt tan line visible, rust belt abandoned factories line the main street, old railroad tracks, two lane roads through American towns long forgotten by those in their yellow SUV’s due with the invention of the interstate. Route 20,30, and 40 gone forever only traveled by locals and hobbyists- Music: NONE- just the open windows blowing soft air in my face, through my hair and sernading me with their natural songs.