Take the mechitza down

Tell me what you guys think. Every time I go to a chasunah (wedding) I see the Berlin Wall dividing the sexes preventing any socializing, I understand the issues with mixed dancing, tznius, and plain old super choomra’s, but what I DONT undertsand is why they cannot have singles sitting together- or some sort of introductions going on. You can tell everyone wants to meet people- but rarely do I see it actually happening. You cannot exactly walk into the ladies section unnoticed a some frummy wedding, and hitting on girls is untznius apparantly- I lack the skill so it doesnt matter to me.

I feel that weddings are the ultimate place for shidduchim to happen- if there is such a “crisis” going on you would think that some frummies would at least try to be little “on the edge” with the art of matchmaking rather than the traditional- “vell you know, she stacks her plates and thats not for you” crap.

Yes I know some of you will comment about the girls or guys being nervous. Frankly I think this seperation of the sexes needs to take a back seat if we are to end the crisis- of which I dont think there is one- but thats just my opinion. We can tear down the wall- and put all that makeup that those poor girls put on just to get it wiped off after their dances- to good the good use of making potential shidduchs think your hot. Think of how much time and money is saved if instead of the agonizing process of waiting for the phone call, donning pounds of makeup, tying your corsette and then having to sit with your shidduch and your parentsfor a grueling interrogation- here you have the oppurtunity to tajke all that away- and people dont do it because “thats just not how we do things around here” – how many times have I heard that BS in my life.