Nothing like punk rockin skater chicks

I remember that sweltering summer day quite well, I remember my roomate was sick as pissed off he couldn’t be with me, I remember my shaggy hair full of sweat, I remember how baggy my clothes were back then, I remember my old Camary plastered with stickers of bands and bike companies I loved, I remember parking in the ghetto because it was free, I remember being alone, I remember comming to this huge event all by myself- yet I was at home with the crowd. Most of all I remember the music.

I had mainly come to this event for two things, there was a halfpipe set up for bike and skateboard demos and a lineup tough to beat. Less Than Jake, Bouncing Souls, Face to Face, H2O, Rollins Band, Snapcase, Pennywise, Dropkick Murpheys- and tons more obscure local micro-brewery type bands. It was my first and only Warped Tour I ahve attended- I was able to glimpse punk and ska’s remaning throes before the teeney-bopper-top-40-lipgloss-buy-skateboards from the mall type crowd invaded the pit at a local punk show near you. Gone were Agnostic Front and in was New Found Glory. Gone were the Mohawks and dog collars and in were the Abercrombie boys from wealthy families in the burbs. Well at this last show of goodness- I had one rockin time. I guess I can still hold my own retaining the look of an 18 year old skateboarder type- but back in the day I thought I had something to prove.

Anyway the sun drenched LaSalle Park on the shore of the Niagara Rover in Buffalo as we head banged to Dropkick and their bagpipe punk rock. The dust was flying as we cheered for the skaters as they went back forth on the halfpipes set up the day before, and when it got too hot the local fire department came and hosed the whole crowd down. Then the dust and heat turned into mudfest. I didnt mind the 16 year old girls taking off their clothing one bit adding to the aura of the crowd, I didnt mind my clothes looking like I hadnt had time to get to the EZ-does it porto-john.

Some may think I am a loser but my ideal show does not involve jumping in the pit and getting thrown around like a pair of socks in the washing machine. I am a music junky and therefore need to let the sounds or noise in this case wash over me. In punk its head banging, metal-air guitaring, Jazz- foot tapping or goatee stroking, and in jamband-hippy music its arm flaling and accepting free hugs from stoners.